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Drugs and sport

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DRUGS AND SPORT Drugs are being used more and more in sport to increase the athlete's strength and to tolerate pain. They hope that the drug will give them an edge over all the other people they are contending against. But it is very risky, as this is cheating and they don't want to get caught. There are lots of different types of drugs that are being used in sport. The two main kinds of drugs that are used in sports are Anabolic steroids and Stimulants. There are now so many banned sporting drugs such as Peptide hormones, analogues and anabolic agents, which all increase the size of muscles or help growth. Anabolic Steroids are generally thought to be the most widely used drug. Athletes use steroids, in combination with extra training and more food, to build up their muscles. ...read more.


Stimulants are potentially attractive to athletes in many different sports. Cyclists use them to keep going on long rides, while runners feel stimulants help them run faster as they can tolerate pain much better. The most famous court case in history of drugs being used in sport is that involving a westerner, Canadian sprinter Ben Johnson. In 1988 he won the 100 metres at the Seoul Olympics in a world record time but was later stripped of his gold medal and banned for two years after testing positive for anabolic steroid. This resulted in a life ban from the track and in March 1993 he gave another positive test. Since then he has made an unsuccessful attempt to get back into the Canadian Team for the 2000 Olympics. Many athletes genuinely make a mistake by taking drugs for medical purposes. ...read more.


They were all caught for taking steroids. At all sporting events and in every league, there is random drug testing. This is usually a urine sample, but this does not detect all drugs very effectively, so some people are trying to get blood testing for illegal drugs. If a drug is found in someone's body, it doesn't mean they will be punished. Some drugs, like Nandrolone, are made naturally in the body, but in very small amounts. This makes it very hard to tell if the sportsperson has been cheating. If they have, then they are usually banned I feel that drugs should not be used in sport, as it could be the end of your career and spoil your reputation and the sport's reputation. The only way drugs should be allowed is for medical reasons only and even then you should go to the doctor first. But taking medicine could also lead to becoming an addict, which can then end your career. ?? ?? ?? ?? 1 ...read more.

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