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Drugs - Is There a Problem or Not, the Students and Teachers Know But Do You?

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The recent changes in the law concerning the classification of cannabis created a very large political argument, was Mr Blunkett in the right frame of mind when making this decision? Amongst all the uproar the real problem to today's society has been overlooked, drugs are more accessible in schools, and more students are taking them. Fair enough a large quantity of the adult population who have either tried it or smoke it themselves would agree with certain members of the medical profession that it is less damaging to health than cigarettes. So maybe the problem isn't Cannabis maybe the problem is actually the government's ignorance in not seeing the real problem when it is happening in almost every secondary school in the country. Harder drugs such as Ecstasy, Speed and Cocaine are becoming more available to the younger community. Now this could mean one of two things either the teaching staff of the schools and colleges turn a blind eye and hide in a cloud of denial as if their school is a drugs free zone or they have no idea what is going on in the real world. ...read more.


Another instance of which I know about may shock some of the more unaware readers into believing my reasoning and point of view based within this article. A fellow student was caught smoking cannabis during college hours; it was during an afternoon off which he could of spent how he wished. Naturally his parents were informed. The next day I met a very tired, upset and quite depressed friend. He told me what happened when he got home as good friends would and he was angry with the one fact that when his father asked the member of staff if there was a problem with drugs within the college, surprisingly enough the teacher replied with a plain and simple, no. So now the parents of my friend think he has a drug problem, which is very abnormal for someone of 17 years of age to have, according to the teacher. Excellent so not only are the teachers in denial they find that they have to lie to the parents to keep the 'squeaky-clean' image alive. ...read more.


The answer would definitely have to be yes another question would be, Is this problem being addressed in the correct way? As much as I would like to say yes the unfortunate truth is that it isn't. To be honest it is being dealt with in such a way that a large mass of the next generation will experience drugs and a large quantity of that will continue taking drugs and will begin taking stronger more dangerous drugs. What now then? Shall we get a curfew in action and get more police out and about? That won't work because rules are there to be broken and that's the way it shall be for eternity. So I leave it up to you to do something about this problem and I leave you with a quote from Anthony Robbins, American author and speaker, "It is in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped." Take this, as your destiny, take drugs and you will die - eventually. Word Count: 1025 ?? ?? ?? ?? Alastair McElhoney 12SS English Language Cwk Piece 1 Draft 3 ...read more.

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