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Drumming quickly became more than just a new hobby- it became an important part of my life

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´╗┐Not Just A Hobby Two years ago, I had my first lesson on a musical instrument. I love music, and I wanted to learn more about creating and appreciating it. Learning a musical instrument was a great opportunity to do something new and to express myself. It was also a chance to explore a different side of me. Sports came naturally to me, but musicality was another story. The drums intrigued me because of the physical aspect, and whenever I listened to rock songs, the drumming is what stuck with me most. Music is a powerful force, and I wanted to explore it through learning an instrument and feeling that power first hand. ...read more.


My instructor could tell I was nervous, but when he told me to relax and just play all my worries seemed to fade away. This is the beauty of music: the opportunity to get lost in it. I didn?t want the lesson to end; I had been taught my first drum pattern and was eager for more. After a couple of lessons I started getting the hang of the rhythm, fill patterns, and musical notation. I soon discovered that I did have a couple musical bones in my body. Before I knew it I was able to play along with songs by my favorite rock bands such as the Red Hot Chili Peppers. ...read more.


The focus and intensity required to perform offered me an opportunity to escape from the stresses of everyday life and just get lost in the music. Learning to play and create music is something I truly value. It allowed me to learn more about myself, and it opened me up to a whole new world that I had never known before. I now share that feeling all musicians get when they sit down to play. If I am lucky, perhaps I will find an old drum set on campus, and next year be able to share my music with my college classmates. ...read more.

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