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Ducklings and Doughnuts

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Ducklings and Doughnuts "Hey Azu," Orion called from his spot on the couch, blinking wide jade eyes in curiousity. "Why don't you ever eat any of these, anyway?" The elder tilted his head, gesturing at a glazed doughnut hole before popping the sweet in his mouth. Azrael made a face, wrinkling his nose in a rather comical manner. His eyes fluttered half open, revealing the ice-blue colored layers of thought behind their lids. Seeing that the other had indeed been referring to one of the little plump balls of sugar, he twisted his face a bit more, as if to appear disgusted. "They're too sweet for me," he replied in an awkward tone as his eyes fell closed again. He relaxed, his body slouching against the outer wall of their apartment as he enjoyed the sun falling against his skin. The balcony made improving his tan extremely easy. "Why do you like them so much anyway?" The blonde blinked a few times, giving the question honest consideration, as if he hadn't been expecting Azrael to turn it back on him. After a moment, he smiled a bit and twirled another doughnut hole between his index finger and thumb. "Don't know," he replied honestly, gazing down at the little treat. "I've always liked sweets." Orion smiled, casting a slightly hinting gaze toward Azrael, despite the fact that the other had closed his eyes and could not see him. ...read more.


Orion visably pouted, giving Azrael a pointed look. "Meanie," he finally decided aloud, pointing at the other with an accusing finger. "Meanie!" Azrael snickered, pulling his knees tighter to his chest, as if he were afraid, although in reality it was simple habit, nothing more. "Itty bitty teenie weenie yellow polka dot bikini," he replied musically, then snickered some more, obviously unable to contain his laughter. His face was slightly pink due to his outburst, but it was hidden by the tanned skin. The daemon sighed audibly, more for Azrael's sake than out of frustration. "I have no idea why I bother talking to you," Orion decided aloud, waving a hand mocking at Azrael. Azrael seemed to actually consider the other's statement for a moment. "Because I'm sexy?" questioned the angel, arching an eyebrow again. His tone implied that if Orion didn't agree, he might be forced to resort to drastic measures. "No..." He stopped, voice trailing off on an almost pathetic note. "You talk to me because I buy you doughnuts!" He suddenly sounding all knowing, again pointing at Orion. He looked like he would burst out laughing at any second. Orion rolled his eyes playfully. "Oh yes," he began in a bored tone, "of course. I talk to you because you buy me doughnuts." He yawned, swinging his legs up onto the side of the couch, turning to peer at the slightly curled up form across the room from him. ...read more.


Orion frowned, glancing down at the ducks. "They're aquatic birds, Azu. I'm sure they're used to it," he replied, sadness slipping into his voice. He hated to deny Azrael anything. Azrael looked thoughtful for a moment before turning his eyes down to the ducks, a hint of sadness finding its way into the ice-colored depths. "That doesn't mean they like the cold rain," he countered softly, his words seeming to hold a deeper meaning, something laced underneath the words themselves. "If I ask them to come inside and they say yes, will you help me pinch up pieces of bread for them?" The daemon smiled a bit, then gestured toward the ducks. "Alright," he replied, eyeing the birds. "Go right ahead. I'll help." Azrael smiled then leaned down and stared at the ducks, unblinking for a few moments. Then the mother duck quacked up at him, leading the ducklings to the end of the pond. "She said she was hungry too," Azrael blurted out, pointing down at the ducks before scampering past Orion, heading toward the bottom of the building. "Gonna feed the ducks!" Orion watched Azrael go in mute fascination as well as surprise. He said nothing, instead heading off into the kitchen to start pinching up bread. He would add Azrael's unusual fondness for ducks to the ever-growing list of questions he would ask Azrael someday, but now was not the time for it. Not when, for once, the younger had finally started to come out of the pool of self-loathing he had been living in for almost three months. ~ end ~ ...read more.

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