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During the course of this essay i will be analysing the spoken language between both the Liverpudlian teacher, student interview and the Lancastrian teenagers exchange of ideas

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English essay The way in which we speak now has developed noticeably over the years from the way in which we use to fifty years ago so much so that it has almost entirely become another language. During the course of this essay i will be analysing the spoken language between both the liverpodlian teacher, student interview and the Lancastrian teenagers? exchange of ideas by commenting on how they both use linguistic devices such as fillers, Standard English, modern slang, power and dominance; how they adapt their language to suit different situations and exploring why they do so. In the Lancastrian transcript an informal tone of voice is used amongst the teenagers signifying that they are friends who are verbally free with one another. The fact that they do not change the way in which they talk is due to the informality of the situation. Throughout this transcript there is no clear purpose as the topic selection seems to be spontaneous; from this I can infer that they are having an organic conversation in order to engage their target audience. Although the obvious target audience for this transcript are teenagers, adults are also aimed at through the lack of colloquial language and use of fillers. ...read more.


Moving on, in transcript 5 we notice that there are hardly any fillers used by the teenagers in the conversation. Showing us that it is not a necessity for them to change their language because they are naturally comfortable and familiar with one another. Another reason why they tend not to use fillers is because they don?t need to think about what they are to say as there?s no need for them to be careful around each other as they are close friends .this also shows that there is no pretence in their conversation. Furthermore the contrast between C and the rest of the participants? is supported by the fact that he had to use a filler ?anyway anyway? t o redirect the conversation. C uses these fillers to get everyone silent so that he can be the centre of attention or because he is trying to buy time to think of a new topic of discussion. In contrast to this, transcript 7 utilises many fillers within language. There could be many reasons for this including: the fact that they are not comfortable with one another, because they are trying to past the time or because they use this as the teacher?s que for the submission, leaving time for other participants to interrupt or dominate the conversation, which is the opposite to what C was doing in transcript 5. ...read more.


Moreover the technique of power and dominance does not work as the students continuously go into new topics this may be that they just want to get the interview over and done with or that they just want to remain formal due to the purpose and the audience of their transcript. Lastly the teacher uses open questions and answers demanding responses and interruption from the students ?don?t the ?however the students do not interrupt showing how unsuccessful this technique is. The fact that they do not converge with the teacher shows that they do not want to drag the conversation or it may be that they are nervous. The fact that there?s hardly any interruption shows a limitation in the relationship of the students and the teacher this may be due to their ages as the teacher is older the students feel that they cannot relate to her. The fact that they do not interrupt her shows that they have adapted their language as teenagers tend to talk over one another, not to be rude but just because it is a habit as supported in transcript 5 but moving from that stereotype this also show that the teenagers are more respectful in transcript 7 than in 5, as they freely talk without interrupting others and they continuously have a formal tone showing that they are prepared and well instructed. ...read more.

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