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During this episode of Come Dine With Me, series 24- episode 19, Cara-Anne, Ben, Jessica and Derek start as four strangers. The interaction changes as they start to discover what each other are really like

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“How does the interaction of strangers change through a complete episode of ‘Come Dine Wirth Me’?” During this episode of ‘Come Dine With Me’, series 24- episode 19, Cara-Anne, Ben, Jessica and Derek start as four strangers. The interaction changes as they start to discover what each other are really like and become familiar with one another. Throughout the episode, some of the contestants get on well, whereas some have disagreements and don’t get on as well. However, by the end of the week, everyone is getting on reasonably well. ‘Come Dine With Me’ is a televised competition on Channel 4, made for entertainment about a group of strangers who serve as hosts and seat as guests. They all wish to win the prize of £1000 by receiving the most points by the other competitors, of their dining experience with each other as the host. The show is known to use diverse characters and personalities to use as entertainment for arguments and clashes of opinions, as well as cutting out the boring clips and using the interesting ones to attract viewers. Also to emphasize the entertainment, the well-known sarcastic voice-over of Dave Lamb is used, who makes fun of and picks up upon the competitors mistakes. So, overall Come Dine With Me is supposed to be an entertaining and engaging show for many purposes. The first dinner party is hosted by Ben and it is the first time the four strangers meet. ...read more.


Ben impatiently asks Jessica, ?Can you please finally tell us what it is you actually do for a living?, which shows some level of politeness has gone. However, Jessica still wants her guests to play the guessing game which causes the contestants to use paralinguistic features like tapping fingers, overlapping and informal sentences. This shows everyone is more relaxed with each other, and they?re not afraid to express themselves, as they have gotten to know one another better. Therefore, the discussion between contestants is much less organised and formal. Throughout Jessica?s dinner party, Ben seems to be troubling Jessica at some points. Such as when he asks Jessica, ?Can you please finally tell us what it is you actually do for a living?? he says it as command, disguised as a question and stresses ?finally? and ?actually?. He also doesn?t want to play Jessica?s guessing game and when guessing Jessica?s occupation he says, ?Tax accountant?. This portrays him being sarcastic, contradicting Jessica?s personality and proves that Ben is not being enthusiastic and respecting Jessica on her night. And later on he also challenges Jessica teaching, causing Jessica to go against Ben and prove him wrong, which shows Ben wanted to see Jessica struggling on her night, possibly for pay back for her attitude at Ben?s dinner party. So, Ben is acting quite odd and troublesome towards Jessica throughout the night. During Ben and Jessica?s discussion, Jessica wins against Ben. Ben started the talk, by putting Jessica on the spot and questioning her teaching methods. ...read more.


And compared to the others, he?s not having much fun and doesn?t laugh once during the night, which makes him not fit in as much with the others. Throughout, Cara-Anne?s dinner party, everyone mostly got on quite well with each other. At the end, Cara-Anne even says, ?Can I make a suggestion this time next year we do this?, using hedging as she?s unsure of what the others will think. However, Jessica replies, ?That would be quite nice I?d be up for that would be great fun that?s a really good plan?. This shows that the evening went quite well, as the mood was much more happy and amusing, and contestants didn?t really argue or take sides as much as the previous nights. Even though there were some awkward moments through the night, overall everyone seemed to have enjoyed themselves and got on well with each other. Throughout the episode and the different dinner parties, there was a contrast of a lot of different personalities and interactions. The Interaction at the start of the episode was very formal and they were acting very friendly, as they were getting to know one another. By the second night, all the contestants were more conformable to speak their mind and show what they were really like. And even thought there were a few arguments and disagreements between the contestants, by the end of it, some of them were very friendly and at the last dinner party, the interaction was very sociable and happy. ...read more.

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