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During this essay I will be comparing and contrasting Sonnet CXXX by William Shakespeare and To his coy mistress by Andrew Marvell

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During this essay I will be comparing and contrasting "Sonnet CXXX" by William Shakespeare and "To his coy mistress" by Andrew Marvell which has been written in the Elizabethan era. In both of these poems they deal with the theme of love. Firstly I will be analysing "Sonnet CXXX" by William Shakespeare. The poem has been written to send a message to poets, telling them that sonnets do not have to be unrealistic; Shakespeare also mocks traditional Elizabethan sonnets. The occasion is that Shakespeare believes in real love not falsely comparing women to god-like creatures. The sonnet was written in the Renaissance era. The sonnet is not traditional to other of that era because he turns traditional sonnets on their head by saying "no such roses see I in her cheeks". The only traditional element of the poem is that it has structure of a traditional sonnet. In this poem Shakespeare deals with the theme of love for example Shakespeare uses Juxtaposition to show that traditional sonnet are unrealistic "If hairs be wires, black wires grow on her head." ...read more.


This introduces the theme of transience for example "Time winged chariot hurrying near" this is used (I need HELP!!!!) The structure of the poem has 46 lines and 3 versus; this might be done to show the emotions in graver detail. The poem is written in rhyming couplets to give the poem a more fluid feel. For poetic device, Marvell uses hyperbole "but thirty thousand to the rest". Marvell uses this to show how much in love is in. Marvell builds his arguments by saying "If, So and But" by using this method puts doubt in the lover's mind. The tone of the poem is very tongue in cheek; this is used to tease the mistress. The imagery of the poem is very striking, Marvell shocks the reader by saying "worms shall try that, that long persevered virginity", and the writer said this to convince the mistress to change her mind. Harsh imagery is also implied especially in the third verse, "Than languish in his chapt-slow power". In this section I will be closely comparing the subject, themes and style of "Sonnet CXXX" by William Shakespeare and "to his coy mistress" by Andrew Marvell. ...read more.


The imagery which I particularly enjoyed was the personification of time in Marvell's poem like "Time's winged chariot" it gives the poem a certain degree of urgency. Also the harsh imagery gave the poem a clearer, vivid picture. In "Sonnet CXXX" by William Shakespeare, the use of ionic symbols of love was strong and unique "Coral is far more red than her lips' red". The poem which I personally prefer is "To his coy mistress" by Andrew Marvell. I chose this poem because poem because it tells the unexpected and as I said above it shocks the reader, as well as shocking the reader it brings humour, in my opinion that's what "Sonnet CXXX" failed to do. But on the other hand "Sonnet CXXX" is a very unique and untraditional sonnet with it is own style which is hard to duplicate. With regards "To his coy mistress" you can understand the passion and commitment of the writer in the first and second verses like "Two hundred to adore each breast". We understand how he feels because Marvell writes as if he is desperate for his lovers' affection. ...read more.

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