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During this essay I will be exploring and comparing two of Carol Ann Duffy's poems, "Education for Leisure" and "Stealing

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Comparison between two of Duffy's poems. During this essay I will be exploring and comparing two of Carol Ann Duffy's poems, "Education for Leisure" and "Stealing". In both of these dramatic monologues Duffy clearly portrays a certain persona, the character in "Education for Leisure" is shown as a young adult, that, because he has been ignored, is trying to find power by killing living things. Similarly the character in the poem "Stealing" is ignored and friendless and so resorts to stealing just for the thrill of it, often stealing things that aren't useful to him. ...read more.


This shows that he isn't given the chance to be anything that he wants to be and that he is quite ignored by others. This helps explain why he goes on his killing spree, its probably because people don't acknowledge him that he wants that kind of power of someone, or something so he isn't ignored anymore. The character in the poem "Stealing" is very lonely, when talking about a snowman he once stole he says "I wanted him, a mate with a mind as cold as the slice of ice within my brain." ...read more.


show that he likes to see himself, and he sees it as a position of power. The main similarities between these two characters is the fact that they seem to have been abandoned. There is no mention of the parents, or family of these people, and they seem to live alone. Both characters seek a sense of power, either through killing other living things or stealing from other people. Neither characters do these things for personal gain, but only because they know they can, and it gives them a great sense of power that they could not otherwise receive because they weren't given that kind of opportunity. English Coursework. Sam Kay. 10RA2*:) ...read more.

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