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Duties and Responsibilities of a Student

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Duties and Responsibilities of a Student Life is short, but art is long. According to fulfill all the works, a man must take the best preparation before beginning and student life is the part of life, when a person can take the preparation. So, it is called the "seed time" of human life. It has a great impact towards our whole life. So, student life is considered as the most important part. In fact, a man is a student for forever. But if we want to give a special definition, we can say that, the part of life, which are sending to acquire knowledge in specific subject in our school, college and Universities can be called as a student life. ...read more.


He should read novels, articles, newspapers etc. Besides he must perform extracurricular activities, such as- singing, dancing, debating, etc. All these things will give them not only refreshment, but also a deep sense of life. It will increase their ability. A sound mind lives in a sound body. A student must maintain a sound body in order to maintain a sound health. If his body and health is not sound he can't be studious and enrich his mind. Physical exercise also gives him strength and curiosity. Every person must perform some duties towards his parents and family. He should oblige the parents and respect their view. He should not disobey or hurt them. ...read more.


And most of all he must raise a sense of patriotism in his mind. Without giving value of time, life can't be enriched. Every famous person in history made proper use of time. A student should give the proper value of time. He must do his every work in time. Industry is the key to all success. A student should be hardworking. He mustn't pass his time idly. He should work hard and try hard. To a student, his teachers are the most respectful persons after his parents. So, a student should obey his teachers. He must respect them. He mustn't do any kind of insulting activities towards them. Though, student life has lots of duties and responsibilities, it is the most enjoyable part of life. But besides enjoying, everyone should be aware of the duties without wasting time to gain the perfect goal of life. ...read more.

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