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Dying Future

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Original Writing-Year 10 Coursework Dying Future No, this shouldn't have happened where have I gotten into, I'm trapped as a "helpless fly caught in a spider's web" as it tries getting out of it but it can't "Helpless" all it can do is wait for its life to end, as I am right now. My mama always told me to keep away from weapons she used to say, "never hold a gun son it ends lives" Well she was right. I ended someone's life. My name is John, John Barnes today believe or not I was in the court' and was life sentenced. I killed him, I killed him, I killed Mark Hopkins. I ain' t a bad person, I had my reasons that was forceful enough to turn a sane person into a insane one. I had a happy life once, a wife Carol who was caring and loved me and I had a little daughter named Jessica, haven't seen her for a while now. I should've listened to my Mama, mama's advise had always been helpful in my life. But situations just got to me dragged me down, as if it had some sort of magnetic field around it, so ...read more.


I should have known better than to trust a criminal, but I really didn't think he would have ever involved me. Involvement destroyed my life, he framed me, that was all there to it. Life isn't fair people say never really knew why they said that. I remember it perfectly because it was Jessica's birthday, Monday morning looked outside perfectly sunny day outside kids playing around neighbours washing their cars, I never even thought it would have been the worst day of my life. Someone Knocked on the door, I opened the door it was Mark holding a package he seemed in a hurry, he had a package in his hand he told me it was a package from work. He left in a hurry, I didn't bother opening the package because I was busy baking a cake for Jessica's birthday. I was just about to get started but there was a knock on the door, I opened the door two policemen with a search warrant, I told them to be free and search around the house because I was so sure there was nothing there, when suddenly the package came into my head. ...read more.


She even said Mark was her future man and just slammed the door on my face. Tears came tumbling down my face, the emotional damage on me was unbearable, I was left strounded. No one employed me because of my criminal record, I had nowhere to live and I no longer had a family. I felt that the world didn't want me no more but I wasn't going to lay back. There was only one thing to do "REVENGE".I thought of Jessica she didn't deserve such crook as her dad so I had to something about it. Next morning, I bought a gun, I went back to the house knocked on the door luckily it was Mark that answered, I shot him down............ I had done what I wanted to, I had nothing else to prove so I waited there next to his filthy body till the police arrived. Now I'm back in the cell sentenced for life. "Life, life its miserable " they say now I know why. I have to live with the fact I won't see Jessica anymore its just painful, but I lie back in this black cell, with no presence of happiness, nor god. I just lay back and just wait till my life ends........... 1 Ashis Tandukar 10 MS ...read more.

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