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Dylan Thomas' style in Under Milk Wood.

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Dylan Thomas' style in Under Milk Wood. Dylan Thomas was born in 1914 and lived for many years in a small Welsh town called Laugharne. He could speak not a single word of Welsh. The piece called 'Under Milk Wood' was finished just short of a month before he passed away. It was commissioned by the BBC to be broadcasted on the National radio. This meant that it was broadcasted with no costumes, no props and no visual imagery to excite the audience. Dylan Thomas' radio play had to entertain the audience by the spoken word only. The style and language in Under Milk Wood is therefore very important. Under Milk Wood uses throughout the play an opaque and poetic style giving the listener an impression of fluency and flowing. We propose to contrast this style with others that are used in Under Milk Wood. The first style in Under Milk Wood is an opaque poetic style, which Thomas uses to perfection; it is used to describe the strange and unusual inhabitants of Llareggub and their day-to-day activities. There are many different techniques that are used that help build up an atmosphere that is normally created through the use of actors and costumes but as Under Milk Wood was broadcasted and not meant to be performed upon a stage with an audience. One way to introduce an atmosphere is to bring songs into the play as a sombre song will make a sombre mood. Dylan Thomas uses songs through out the play to reflect on the atmosphere, a song such as Tom, Dick and Harry produces ...read more.


The night can also be seen as mischievous, because it is when most sneaky, illegal, mischievous things happen. "Night flying like black flour". Another very ingenious use of a simile. The word 'flying' is used to suggest time passing quickly. There is alliteration in the words 'flying' and 'flour' to create aural appeal. Dylan has used the word 'black' for surprise value, as we do not expect flour to be black. The simile also suggests that the darkness floats like a dense suspended cloud; like a cloud of flour scattered accidentally by hand. "The houses are as blind as moles" this is an example of a simile and is widely used by poets and writer's to recreate a sense of feeling. "The houses are blind" perhaps Dylan Thomas is playing with the listener as this is almost a pun, is Thomas talking about blind (cannot see) or a blind. Houses have windows and many windows have blinds, when you close a blind upon a window you could actually be making the house blind. This is indeed like closing the eyes of a house. Although moles see fine tonight in the snouting, velvet dingles. This is another example of a transferred epithet. "Evans the Death, the undertaker," This transferred epithet is used again create aural appeal. It may also suggest he is more like death than an undertaker. Another transferred epithet is the "jolly rogered sea" the sea isn't jolly rogered but pirate ships are. There are other metaphors and similes in the play such as "Sea's barking like seals" this description adds to the atmosphere and appeals to the ear which is poetic as it is pleasing to hear. ...read more.


This is quite different from Dylan Thomas' usual style and is very well employed at keeping the readers attention and keeping it. Yet again Dylan Thomas has to prove that he is a genius when it comes to other forms of styles. Thomas has to write an overloaded poem full of poetic techniques "And woods more blithe with spring And bright with birds' adorning, And sweeter bards than I to sing Their praise this beauteous morning." The poem performed by Eli Jenkins overdoes the poetic techniques and uses too much description (pleonasm); 'boskier woods' this basically means woodier woods. He also over repeats some words "And bright', 'And sweeter'. He also over alliterates 'boskier', 'blithe', 'bright', 'birds', 'bards' and 'beauteous". The rhythm of the poem is also too regular, which creates boredom far apart from the poetic technique that Dylan Thomas employs. Dylan Thomas shows that he is capable of writing in a good number of different styles and proves that he is able to recreate the atmosphere although he is not able to use the devises of a stage performance. He is able to recreate this through his mastery of the English language mastering metaphors, similes and transferred Epithets. Dylan Thomas shows in Under Milk Wood that he is Able to write in the opaque poetic style but is also able to contrast this with other popular styles. The poetic devises that Dylan Thomas does use can sometimes be described as strange and opaque it's quite similar to the device employed by poets but it does do the job and is very affective at attaining the reader's attention and keeping it. Christopher Watkins 10E ...read more.

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