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Each Piece Has It's Purpose. Where was Tanzania anyway? I took out my pocket jigsaw globe one of the worst presents...ever, but I had decided to keep because it was a gift from my strange but cool aunt that owned many weird and wonderful things

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Each piece has its purpose I stared blankly at the clean sheet of A4 paper in front of me. Every time coursework deadline came around I was just starting it. Geography was just so dull! I thought I would be learning about the sights of the world, like the sweltering heat of the Sahara desert with its deep terracottas just a blur; the sickening heights of Mount Everest, its thick white blanket smothering the horizon; the exotic Amazon rainforest abundant with shrubbery and wildlife... but no! I'm faced with a question that sucks all the life out of the world and drags down all of my creativity and enjoyment with it: "Why and how has tourism developed in Tanzania during the 1980's until present?" I slumped back into my chair and placed my hands on top of my head. I gazed outside, and the boy in the window next door caught my eye. He was hunched over fiddling with some kind of invention (as he liked to call it) and was so deep in concentration his nose almost touched it. My supposed "best friend" always stayed in on weekends, fixing something from parts he found at the scrap yard. In fact, that was the only time he saw sunshine. We were so mismatched that it seemed ridiculous to pair us together. He was the geeky boy who got painfully shy around girls, and sat at the front of the class for every lesson. I was the popular boy that was good at sports. I had known him since I was three - as his mum and my mum were once close friends - and I always felt like I owed him something. He always had to prove that he was smarter than me, maybe because that was about the only thing he could rub in my face. He was a short, fragile boy, who wore trousers that swung around his ankles, or sometimes tucked into socks that had been scrubbed white. ...read more.


I looked around and saw pools of black ooze, but the area surrounding it would be empty. These millions looked upon us with searching desperate eyes. "What should we do?" I hissed out of the side of my mouth "We should try and make contact," he whispered back, glancing around uneasily. "Yeah, because I speak backwards English like it's my mother tongue!" His mouth turned down at the corners and he allowed a quick smear across his front teeth. Then he crouched down and used his index finger to scratch out writings in the snow. He poised his mouth as if he wanted to say something but no sound came out. He tried again with the same result. "Move over!" I said frustrated, and nudged him to one side. I wrote out what I planned to say, then stood up and shouted: "I evah detpecca ruoy ksat dna dluow ekil ot ksa tahw I evah ot od!" All of the creatures slowly turned away from me, and now looked up towards the mountains. I shot a glance at Daniel, but he was staring up at the mountains along with the creatures. I shielded my eyes with my hands and tilted my head to one side, as I looked up. Just then a thunderous voice boomed the words "Y-y-ouu mu-st clim-bah thees mo-un-tayne and re-ach th-th- the fi-rst cave op-en-ing" The echo shook the ground, and the creatures bounced up and down. They turned back round to us, staring once again. "So are we going to climb that thing? Look at it! We could DIE from just the cold," I said looking down at my tingling fingers. "But look how many of these things there are! We have a chance to save them. It's not that high anyway, but I knew you'd be like this..." I glared at him through narrowed eyes and hissed "Are you trying to insinuate something?" ...read more.


A thunderous thudding came from behind me and I quickly turned around, and right before was the toe of a big shoe, I lifted my head to the heavens and made out the figures head - it was Daniel! He could help me now, he always found a way out, but now he just looked down on me shaking his head in pity. Not believing that he could have seen me I manically waved my hands in front of me, but these hands -oh no -these were not hands at all, but three-fingered claws! I screamed in horror, what was I turning into? I rubbed my hands against my body, and thick blue goo came off onto each of my claws and dripped slowly into the ground - I was one of them! I curled into a tight ball on the ground clutching my knees and squeezed my eyes tight to stop the tears from spilling over. Over me I heard a sigh, and after came this "I knew this would happen! I worked it out along the way. I'm sorry I should have told you, but I was trying to stop myself from believing it. You didn't save the Zurlik's, you didn't even try - they had nothing to do with you, so you didn't care. You were so selfish that you couldn't even see that all along, you were going to become one of them. Saving them was saving yourself!" I felt life leaving me, all the breath was being squeezed out of my body. I think I vomited and put my claw to clean up but it was black ooze. Life was leaving my body, my eyes were closing... I woke up to see Scherezade standing over me. "You didn't think I would have just given you a little globe did you?" she said cheekily. "Come on, was that not one of the best adventures ever?!" she said grinning, and showed her utter satisfaction by smearing her tongue across the top row of her teeth. Rachel Cutenar 11HYB ?? ?? ?? ?? Rachel Cutenar 11HYB Mr Newall 1 ...read more.

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