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Eagle eye eric

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"Was the spirit of the man I murdered going to haunt me forever?" I thought to myself as The noise got louder and louder until it became unbearable! "Was this the end of my life?" I sure hoped it was, but unfortunately it wasn't, so I might as well try to take it out of my brain to save me the torture! Do you want to hear the story of how it started? It all started one fine day in mid March when the sun was just setting in the horizon and I was driving along a quiet country road, watching the sun go down, When all of a sudden, WHAM! I had hit something very large and soft! IT WAS A MAN! What have I done? I had hit an innocent man, for a moment I panicked! I never panic. I re- gained my senses and dragged him off the road, by which time it was already dark, but I could see a blur of lights coming towards me from the other direction up the road! I got in my car, switched my lights on and skidded in his way and got out to signal to him! He got out of his car and started shouting to me and calling me an "IDIOT!" ...read more.


I did this every night for a week until I could do it with my eyes closed and mittens on my hands. Now, when I had managed to do it silently, without waking him FOR ANOTHER MONTH, I THOUGHT THAT I WOULD PUT MY MISSION TO THE TEST. I BROUGHT A TORCH IN WITH ME AND DID IT AL OVER AGAIN, I DIDN'T SWITCH ON THE TORCH UNTIL MY EYES WERE SLIGHTLY USED TO THE DARK AND I COULD JUST SEE HIS FACE. I GOT THE TORCH OUT OF MY POCKET It was only tiny. It was one of those mini maglight type torches. I shined straight on his eye. It was open, had he seen? I switched the torch off as quick as I could but he had sat up shouting "WHOS'E THERE?" I thought "NOW! NOW's my chance! I could do it now! YES I WILL!" so I switched my torch off and dived at him, what was I doing I doing? The eye had taken over my brain! I thought. YES I SHALL, said one half of my brain, while the other half said No don't, But it was too late! I had already killed him! What was I going to do? ...read more.


Right over the spot where I had buried the dead body. Just then I started to hear it! A thump, thump, thump of a heartbeat that got louder and louder and I couldn't block out the sound, It was all I could Hear! It was taking over me! I got off my chair and started hitting the ground next to the inspector who jumped up and moved, wondering what was going on! He looked at me desperately attacking the floorboards where he was sitting trying to drown out the noise that only I could hear! He held me back while his partner ripped up the floorboards and stepped back in fright, The other inspector came up and looked with a hankie over his mouth and slowly leaned over the hole in the floor and took a quick look and walked back to me. The beating had stopped and the woman was holding me down in my chair while they called the police station. After the call the inspectors came up to me and said in a gruff, dry mouthed voice "You're nicked son!" and they handcuffed me and took me down the police station for questioning. I couldn't remember a thing about it, so they locked me up and on the door put a huge white sign saying "MENTALLY UNSTABLE, TAKE EXTREME CARE WHEN FEEDING". And that is where I am now. THE END James Kenyon GCSE COURSEWORK Page1 Best writing ...read more.

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