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East Falls West Of The Wall

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Original Writing Coursework East Falls West Of The Wall The trees loomed out of the encroaching darkness, silent, still. Watching. They stood tall and menacing, as if to deny more than just passage to any who approached them. In the centre on the clearing sat a helicopter, and in the dying light, a dull glint reflected off its worn hull. The solitary figure standing next to it had the same battered and worn look about him; his clothing may once have been blue, but it was now faded and encrusted with mud and grime. As he turned out of the wind to light a cigarette, the light caught off the automatic rifle he had clutched tightly in his hands. A short distance away in the tree line, The Russian lay in wait, watching. He observed this man for over two hours through his night vision goggles, his vision bathed in an eerie green glow, making careful notes about his height, weight, the way he stood, his smoking habit and his helicopter. ...read more.


From where he was, the Russian couldn't hear what was said, but he didn't have to wait long to find out. Over the tree line came the sound of another engine, soon followed by its source. A much larger helicopter landed in the clearing opposite the first one, and from emerged 3 men. The first was much smaller that his companions, and was carrying a small package in his hands. His two accomplices were large, overly built men, like bouncers at a rough night club. Both carried large, evil looking sub-machine guns. The two parties eyed each other up suspiciously for some time before the new arrivals made their move and approached the Colombian. From experience, The Russian knew what was happening. The men in the large helicopter were probably drug exporters, and the Colombian was their supplier. Some kind of deal must be going down, as both men were involved in a very tense and suspicious looking conversation. ...read more.


He closed his eyes and began to repeat the calming techniques he had learned during his training, slowing his heartbeat down to eighty beats per minute. Anything higher and he'd miss the shot. When this was complete, The Russian opened his eyes, only to find the scene exactly as it had been when he left; both parties were still immersed in deep discussion. He centred his aim on the Colombian. Then waited. A sudden burst of static from his headset indicated that his employers had something to say. The static ceased and a calm voice with a hint of an English accent said 'Do it.' He didn't need to be told twice. He dropped his head back down to the scope and again took aim. His finger tightened around the trigger, and squeezed. The rifle gave a satisfying hiccup as the round exited the barrel. The Colombian dropped dead. His associates looked stunned. As he did so well, The Russian disappeared into the forest, leaving no trace of his existence. At last the waiting was over. ?? ?? ?? ?? Chris Miller 11AG 1 Mrs Whitelaw ...read more.

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