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East Is East

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East is East The play East is East is set I Sanford 1970s prior to the Indian-Pakistani war over Azad Kashmir. In this play we get to explore the problems that George is facing as a Pakistani immigrant who had an interracial marriage, and how he tries to make u for it. We also get to know the consequences of George's actions to improve his Islamic status and how that effects the family. First of all we are introduced to the play by several conflicts going on within the family. We can see that Sajit the youngest boy is going to be circumcised, regardless of what his feelings are towards the matter. Even when Sajit says "no, you're gonna hurt me" George tries to bribe hi by saying "I buy you nice watch." When that doesn't work he says "when you die you go straight to hell. this shows cultural conflict as George tries to make his kids want what he wants no matter what they say. ...read more.


Sajit comes off as the least important character however he actually knows most about the family "I know what goes on in the house more than you do" but no one really notices him. In Act 1 Scene 1 the audience can see the kids all eating bacon and sausages. This in Islamic culture but the way Meenah says "its not like him to mind a fry up" shows us that they do this all the time when George is not there. We can also see the use of dramatic irony for comical effect as when George comes home he starts talking to Maneer about being religious and Maneer has just been eating bacon. In this play, we can see that the siblings are much closer and open with each other than with there father. We can see that in various parts of the play. Like when Maneer for example he tries to cover up for his siblings by saying "looking for my other shoes" when in actual fact he was hiding the sausage in Act 2 Scene1. ...read more.


"Oh, they are quite hefty aren't they...frames I mean!" we also see that Meenah struggles to keep in her laugh. Comedy is a light-handed way to show serious issues. I think the way Ayub Khan Din chose to tell his audience about the cultural identity of different members of the same family and how they tried to deal with it. George thinks he has a high status but in actual fact he doesn't. Maneer is seen as the good son so is a lower status in the eyes of his siblings as they are slightly jealous that there fathers likes him more then them. All Abdul wants is to fit in somewhere so tries to be like the British kids but when he doesn't fit in there he realizes were he belongs id with his family. By Ayub Khan Din talking the experiences of different characters rather than just one, suggest that it is no one in the play is a villain as they all have reasons ,hat they think are very important, for what they do. This play makes us think about how we judge people and how we should never judge a book by its cover. ...read more.

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