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East is East

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George's relationship with Ella in their respective background is that George wants to keep his children within the Pakistani culture and under his control, "I tell you what he bloody done Mrs. He make bloody show of me. All your family make bloody show of me" Here George is mentioning that the children don't belong to him and that they all belong to Ella. George knows he's starting to lose control over his children's lives. He is getting irritated because his kids are making a show of him and embarrassing him in front of people. The audience would think that George is hilarious because he loses his temper easily and they do not take him seriously because of his Pakistani accent. Ella is more of a laid back character who cares for her children a lot. She doesn't really want her kids to be forced into doing something they don't want to do or be, but George annoys her by saying that he will make his first wife in Pakistan to come live with them in their house. ...read more.


George doesn't say that the kids are his he tells Ella in the script "All your children" George has no respect for his children, he disrespects Sajit by saying "come here you little bastar..." Georg attempts to say bastard but couldn't because of his Pakistani accent. The audience would be shocked yet amused because normal parents would not use this term of language or disrespect any of their kids but George's accent breaks the tension. George is passionate with his reputation in the Muslim community. He doesn't want to get embarrassed in the Muslim community or in front of the Mullah. George seems to be fixated with his religious status in the mosque because he wants his children to be bold and strong followers in their religion taking up his mantle. George's strong beliefs and reputation covers up what his children feel about it. He is so compulsive about his reputation that he doesn't see his children's true feelings towards their Islamic ways But George doesn't want to be embarrassed because of his children's behaviour. ...read more.


Every time I walk in street with him, he talking to bloody self, every time he turn corner he bloody cutting. Bloody mentals" George's continuous word throughout the play which is often used by Asian immigrants which makes the audience gladden and amused. George is a strict father but he is more amusing towards the audience's reactions. He is very funny and humorous with his voice, language and actions. George's Ango-Indian dialect is confusing and hilarious because he skips words in his sentences. "Is not bloody funny you know, you just bloody fix. This tickle-tackle very embarrassing you see Annie" George always makes his sentences unclear for the audience but it is understandable. The audience would be confused by the term 'tickle-tackle' by this George indicates foreskin. When George says "all men think I bad having this thing" by this he means that people in the Muslim community think that George is a bad father for letting his son have a foreskin. When George tries to woe Ella by saying "I not understand why you talk to me like this" George's Ango-Indian dialect causes humour to the audience. ...read more.

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