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East is East and poems Presents from my aunts in Pakistan

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Media Assignment East is East and poems This assignment is to look at the film 'East is East' and the poems in the anthology the anthology to find the importance of cultural identity. Each of these mediums shows us this issue in different ways but with the same message. The film is about a mixed race family who are living in England, in the 1970's. George Khan, the father, married an English woman, Ella, when he moved from Pakistan to England. He is a very religious man who still believes very strongly in the traditions of his religion and culture. Ella wants to be a loyal wife by respecting what her husband believes in but still wants to look after the best interests of her children. The poem 'Presents from my Aunts in Pakistan' is an autobiographical account of one girl trying to find her identity. She is stuck between two cultures, the one that she has been brought up in, her mothers, and the Pakistani culture that her father was brought up in. She feels torn between them because she wants to settle into the country where she is living and live by the traditions but she doesn't want to forget where her roots were from. 'East is East' is about a working class family living in a working class neighbourhood in Salford in 1971. The film begins with the arranged marriage of the eldest child, Nazir, who walks out. We are shown the disgrace that walking out brings to his family because in their culture when a marriage has been arranged for you by your parents, you should obey them and marry the chosen person. ...read more.


Maneer is a strict Muslim who will do exactly what his father tells him to do. When he is loyal to his brothers, over the 2 arranged marriages, his father turns against him and beats him up. He wants his father to be proud of him for doing as he says but, at the same time he will not get his brothers into trouble. Although George use violence towards Maneer to get what he wants, Maneer will not retaliate against his father. By doing what his father wants him to do Maneer thinks that he will gain respect from his father but from the way George treats Maneer it is obvious that this is not the case. We are shown a lot about identity in East is East. We see that George want to choose who his children are and what they are like as people. The children want to be able to live their own life and find their identity. They think that the only way that they are going to be able to do this is by going against what their father says. If they turn against him he might decide that they are adults and that they should be able to choose the way that they live. If George allows them to do this they will not be living their life in the way that he wants them to but it will be better for him because they will then give him the respect that he wants. ...read more.


She does not want English to become her first language but for it to be her second language whilst Gujarati continues to be her native language. She feels that both of the languages are important to her but when she is speaking Gujurati she feels that she has found her true identity. I think that the medium that best deals with the issues of identity more successfully is the film 'East is East'. There are number of reasons for my decision. The main reason is that when you are watching people in their lives you can relate to how they are feeling and you can think about how you have felt when you have felt as though you do not fit in with the people that you are surrounded by. It does not necessarily mean that you are in the same situation as in the film but if you are a child who is surrounded by adults you may feel uncomfortable and do something that will make you feel better. This is what the children want to do. They want to be in a situation where they do not feel surrounded by the unfamiliar. I think that it is much easier to relate to East is East because in the poem Presents from my aunt in Pakistan the girl wants to be different by living her life the Pakistani way. I think that most people would rather be in a familiar environment and feel as though they are the same as all of the people that they know. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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