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Eastenders Is Eastenders just a remains of what was once the hottest show, or is it still in touch with the awesome viewers on the other end? For starters can assure you that Eastenders is nothing at all like the real East End , because I am from the East End myself, and I don't see my neighbours (or anyone else around here) going to the laundrette and having a 'chit chat' with the manager! In fact, no one hardly goes to the laundrette at all, and even if they did go it would alarmingly surprising. The real East End is in fact very friendly place to live in, and it is very multicultural. In fact researchers have shown that the ethnic diversity in more then ten times in Newham, than, as t is the whole country! More than 60% of the East End population is ethically diverse. Imagine seeing on the Eastenders show, though that would be the day! Being an Eastender is something, which makes me proud. ...read more.


And we can't forget the 'eye candies' Stacy and Ruby. I doubt you realised the reason why Eastenders use stock characters, its because the target audience want the show to be simple and predictable. The viewers across the country have their own archetypes of the East London, so Eastenders just fulfils the preferences of an East End archetype that long dead. Twenty years ago, the East End was were everyone wanted to settle down into. Most of the citizens were working class, and down to earth kind of people. Therefore, the East End was just the right location to produce a reality T.V show about working class people. That was twenty years age. The world has moved on, so has East London-sadly, not Eastenders. The Eastenders have a limited amount of setting. This is because they don't really high budget. Almost always, they limit the setting to the pub, the caf´┐Ż, the video store, or someone's house. What were they thinking? When we watch the same settings it just gets boring, and frankly sad. ...read more.


Since all the characters ever do is talk and drone on about something very unimportant endlessly, they use a lot of midrange and close up shots in Eastenders. This is to give us the impression that something very important will happen. They also have quite a lot of over the shoulder shots as well, since usually its just two people talking, and they want to show us their reactions. We got so used to seeing all these untrue archetypes all the time that we started believing these are real live people, and not just a fictional character made up by at least more than 10 story writers who know nothing about the real East London. After saying all that, I'm sure you've realised my opinion about Eastenders. It is not a realistic portrayal of East End at all. However, this is because the target audience of Eastenders are not East Londoners; they're from around the world (all of which are less ethnically diverse). They don't want to know what the real East End is like; they just want to live with their archetype Eastend, in total ignorance without them even knowing it. ...read more.

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