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Eavesdropping - creative writing.

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EAVESDROPPING BY NIKOLAZ GRIFFITHS It had all started because I was too nosey for my own good, I had been eavesdropping on a man and his wife having an argument in their back garden, from what my friend Derron had told me, they argued all the time, one time he had even hit her in the face because she overdone his beef burger when they had a family barbeque. Most of their arguments happened in the back yard. Even if in the house you could still hear them bickering about something and then he would hit her, it was like a modern day Ike and Tina. This guy was a mean son of a gun; he had short black hair, thick eyebrows and a deeply cut scar right across his left cheek. ...read more.


Why me? I thought as I continuously looked back to monitor how close I was to the dog. I was barely escaping the horror, my breath counts were starting to increase, and I did not think I would have enough stamina to last. Even so, it was imperative that I escaped because I didn't want to be the dog's next meal. It was an exceptionally hot day, and all I had on was Persil white vest, some blue denim jeans, levis of course, and a pair of exclusive black and white air force one sp's the ones with the N-Y-C stamp imprinted on the out-side of each trainer. I could tell that this dog was determined to catch me at all costs. This was an extremely long road there was no side streets or shops, just houses. ...read more.


I was so pleased that I had made a temporary escape. The feeling of fear rushed out of my body the same way water would gush out of a hose. After a while the stand off started to become extremely tedious, judging from the shade of the sky, I had been up here for at least half an hour waiting for the dog to give up and stroll off. It wasn't even like I knew anyone in the block, it was worse than watching paint dry. Eventually, after about 35 minutes of barking, the dog decided to wonder off. I didn't know whether or not it had gone so I just ran down to the ground floor kicked the door open and sprinted like I was Linford Christie in the hundred meter race. After that, eavesdropping wasn't quite as much fun as the consequences could be fatal. ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Writing to Inform, Explain and Describe section.

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