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Eddie’s kisses

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We can Interpret Eddie's kisses in several different ways. Explore all the possibilities, making reference to the text and remembering this play is a tragedy Eddie kisses two of the main characters in the play. Firstly he kisses Catherine, his wife's niece. This is instantly followed by him kissing Rodolfo, his wife's cousin, whom is also planning to marry Catherine. Both kisses were done to provoke different reactions from the characters. When Eddie kisses Catherine, it is far more of a passionate kiss than a father, the role he has taken in her life, would give to his child. He feels she has a chance to get out of the docks and relate with a higher class of people, shown on Page 52 when he says, "I broke my back payin' her stenography lessons so she could go out and meet a better class on people". In this quote it also becomes evident that Eddie feels as though Catherine owes him something. It is almost as though he regards her as more of a possession than a person. It may also be considered that Eddie could have a sexual attraction to Catherine. ...read more.


Making a comparison between yourself and a bird isn't sensible. Throughout the play, Eddie remains ignorant of the culture from which Marco and Rodolfo has come from. In Italy is customary for males to kiss other males as a greeting and as a sign of friendship. As well as this, many Italian men are tailors, because the industrial business is not that good there. Finally many Italian men can cook, although Eddie does not think about this. Because Rodolfo is not normal in his new surroundings, this makes Eddie take a poor view of him. This further shows how tragic the play is, because Eddie's death can be blamed on Eddie's arrogance and stupidity. Eddie appears to be jealous or envious whenever Catherine is fascinated and impressed by Rodolfo. The first instance is when he first comes to the house and Catherine remarks, "He's practically blonde!" At this point Eddie sends Catherine out of the room to make the coffee. Another instance is when Rodolfo shows his singing ability and Eddie stops him saying, "Look, kid; you don't want to be picked up, do ya?" He does not want Catherine to think another male is better than him. ...read more.


When kissing Catherine there could be multiple reasons. I personally think the kiss is passionate and he hopes that Catherine will identify with her true feelings for Eddie upon this. However, much to Eddie's dismay, this does not happen. On kissing Rodolfo I think that it is an involuntary impersonation of the biblical character, Judas. Although Eddie's intentions are unsuccessful again. This is a play is a tragedy on so many levels, firstly, because of Eddie's ignorance and stupidity, as well as this it is because of his prejudice, which also contributed to his arrogance throughout the play and finally because he causes so much hurt between the people that loved him the most. Tragic plays often involve many things, caused by multiple characters, however Eddie brought all that happened upon himself, he allowed Rodolfo to stay in the house, but would not let him exercise the things which he was good at. He has followed in the steps of the character mentioned at the beginning of the book as "Vinny". He is the character that told the authorities about the illegal immigrants staying with him and he suffered a tragic end. In the words of Eddie, "You can quicker get back a million dollars that was a stole than a word you gave away." Mitesh Desai Mr Elliot English ...read more.

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