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Eddie Carbone

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I think that Eddie Carbone is a self-destructive character because at the beginning of the play he had respect from his wife "Now go, go to your wedding, Katie, I'll stay home. Go God bless you, God bless your children." Eddie's wife Beatrice said this. She doesn't go to her nieces wedding because Eddie doesn't want her to. This shows that she has respect for him by doing as he asks. Eddie also has a lot of respect from his niece who he had brought up like a daughter this is shown "Because I want him to be happy; I mean - I like him Rodolfo - and I can't stand it!" his niece Catherine says this to Rodolfo showing that she respects his views and just wants him to be happy. Catherine also says this "He was good to me, Rodolfo. You don't know him; he was always the sweetest guy to me. Good he razzes me all the time but he don't mean it. I know I would just feel ashamed if I made him sad." This shows that Catherine thinks the world of Eddie and doesn't want or intend to hurt him. ...read more.


"There's too much love for the niece." And advised Eddie to let her go. "Let her go. That's my advice. You did your job, now it's her life." Alfieri could see what Eddie was about to do, so tried to steer him away. "Put it out of your mind. Can you do that?" but Eddie had already made his mind up. Alfieri knew that Eddie was a good man deep down "He was as good a man as he had to be in a life that was hard and even" but he knew what he was about to do and felt powerless "I sat here many afternoons asking myself why, being an intelligent man, I was so powerless..." Beatrice could also see that Eddie had too much love for Catherine but as he was head of the family she was too afraid to confront him. She wanted to force Eddie to face up to the truth but didn't through fear and respect for him. "Let me go for my sister..." this was said by Beatrice to Eddie asking to go to Catherine's wedding. ...read more.


and all he could do now was "pray for him..." At the end Alfieri says "... I will love him more than my regular clients." He said this because he could see that Eddie wasn't a bad man as such it was just that his lust managed to take over his personality and drove out the good hearted honest Eddie from act 1. Eventually Catherine finds her courage and stands up to Eddie, telling him exactly what she thinks of him, he has destroyed lives for the sake of nothing. "You're a rat, you belong in the sewers." Beatrice also finds her courage. "The truth is better than blood..." The Italian way of life was very important, based on Italian traditions in the community. Marco left his family to die for the sake of honour and to keep his name. Beatrice could see what would happen now that Eddie had snitched to the immigration "...you know how they get..." she said to Eddie because she knew that Marco would be seeking his honour and revenge. "In my country he would be dead now..." this was said by Marco, he intended to take the law into his own hands and kill Eddie to get back his honour and respect. ...read more.

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