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Eddie's Diary Entry - "A view from the bridge"

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"A VIEW FROM THE BRIDGE" ARTHUR MILLER EDDIE'S DIARY ENTRY All my life I've been trying to create a blissful loving environment, in my house. All my expectations of life for my family would very probably have come true. However since the day that Marco and Rodolfo arrived all this has changed. A tense environment is what reigns in this house due to our different points of view. I can accept that I am a bit confused about them hosting in this house but it's very difficult for me to seem inferior to them. I think that Marco is a good person, he likes to collaborate in some house work, and he is an intelligent man with an amazing future. On the other hand Rodolfo is completely different, he has blonde hair, likes to sew dresses, doesn't know to fight and sings "Paper Doll," it's impossible to have a good impression of him. ...read more.


It's even harder for me to assume that she is planning to live with him for the rest of her life. I have been taking care of her since she was a little girl, that is why I am nervous about her future and I feel responsible for the consequences. This is why I can't let grant her free will on her future. I think Rodolfo is playing with her feelings and taking advantage of her, his real interest in her is to obtain his legal American papers. For obtaining these papers he just needs to marry an American lady and this is just what he's doing. I know I'm not Catherine's father and she can take her decisions, but I want the best for her and the best is not beside Rodolfo. Some days ago I went to a lawyer's office to ask him for help. ...read more.


Some days ago I was trying to get proof to show my family that Rodolfo is gay. I started fighting with him and everyone noticed that he boxed like a girl; however none of them paid attention in that. After this Marco challenged me by lifting a chair from the lower part of the leg but I couldn't understand his idea about this. I think the real force of somebody can be measured by fighting. Unfortunately nobody in my family also believes this. I am still finding a way of getting rid of Rodolfo. Meanwhile I will try to convince Catherine that he is not the best man for her. Maybe the only solution is to snitch on him but it's very risky. In my inside I know that everything I'm doing is of good will, for the future of my niece and to recuperate our prosperous loving family. ...read more.

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