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Eddie's Presentation in 'A View from the Bridge'

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´╗┐Eddie Eddie Carbone, the protagonist of the play, is in many ways a tragic hero and like all tragic heroes has a fatal flaw. Eddie?s harmatia is his incestuous feelings for Catherine. Arthur Miller has used the character of Eddie as an everyman perhaps to show that any person can make mistakes with ones feelings. Through the character of Eddie we witness the downfall of a decent man who loses control of his actions. In the early stages of the play, we see Eddie over protective of Catherine but possibly in a paternal way when he says ?I don?t like the looks they?re giving you...heads are turning like windmills? although it is quite normal for a father to protect his daughter Eddie?s problem is really with how the men are looking at Catherine rather than her well beings. The reader is also made aware that Eddie has made a lot of sacrifices for Catherine ?I took out my own mouth to give it to her? clearly when ...read more.


In the middle of Rodolfo?s song the playwright shows us how unsettled Eddie is when the stage directions indicate that ?Eddie rises and moves upstage?. When he interrupts Rodolfo he is very sharp. At no point does he use his name but instead calls him ?kid?. Superficially it seems he is preventing him from singing for his own safety but already the reader is aware that there is something more bubbling under the surface, especially when Miller tells us that Eddie?s face is ?puffed with trouble?. The shocking actions of Eddie when he kisses both Catherine and Rodolfo shows further evidence of their love for one another as Catherine screams ?Eddie! Let go, ya hear me! I?ll kill you! Leggo of him? here we can see that the love between Catherine and Rodolfo is much stronger than that of Eddie and Beatrice, and how it is taking over from Catherine?s affection for Eddie. ...read more.


He gives his opinion and says ?Him? You?ll never see him no more a guy do a thing like that? How?s he gonna show his face? Here Eddie is disgusted even by the consideration of telling on a fellow Italian. It also shows that he feels strongly about the ?Italian law? which makes it more surprising when he goes against it as it suggests that his incestuous feelings for Catherine turned him into a complete different person. Miller presents Eddie as a respectable image in the community, a husband and a guardian. Eddie feeling as a jealous lover leads him into conflict with his community. He placed his desires above family responsibilities. His respect and honour meant everything for him , but he was blinded by his love for Catherine, so everything else was forgotten. Eddie dies for, not that of the community values but for his own pride. ...read more.

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