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Educating for Rita - direct two scenes.

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Educating Rita - by Willy Russell Coursework Task In this piece of coursework I have been asked to direct two scenes from Educating Rita by Willy Russel. I am supposed to pick two scenes one from before Rita goes off to summer school and one scene from when she comes back from summer school. The first scene that I have chosen to direct is Act One, Scene One. This first scene is important as it the first time when we meet Rita and Frank. This is also the first scene where we find out what these two people are really like and how they behave. We also find out in this scene how they react to each other when they meet. We also find out how they think about each other. The audience sees Rita as an unschooled, working class girl who is ignorant to the fact that she is never going to become something in her life unless she tries hard and pursues her dreams. An actress playing Rita would have to act like she is unschooled, but wants to learn and go off and make her dreams come true. She would also have to be very inquisitive about Frank when she meets him. I would suggest that the actress wears skimpy clothes such as mini skirts, revealing tops, cheap jewellery, black tights and bright red, high heeled shoes in this scene, This ...read more.


At this point I would like the actress to move in front of Frank to refrain him from walking away, point her finger at him and increase the tone of voice she is using with him. This is important because it shows that her mind is set on the course and she will only have Frank teach her. The second scene I have chosen to direct is Act Two Scene One. This scene differs from Act One Scene One because Rita has a lot more confidence in herself than in the scene before and she also is asking more about Frank's life such as why he hasn't given up whisky. She also now wants to learn and is more social and has learnt to ask questions frequently when ever she has a query. She has become much more open about her learning and is now not afraid to stand up and say, "Sorry, I don't understand." The audience now sees Rita as an intellectual who appreciates poetry greatly and has a strong will to learn as much as she can. An actress playing Rita in this scene would need act like a woman who appreciates poetry and has a strong will to learn as much as she can about it. The actress's movement and gestures would also need to flow like poetry as she is very relaxed with talking to new people about her poetry course. ...read more.


I want her to show how well she is progressing through her course and how fond she is of it. Another key moment in this scene is when Frank finds out that she has already done the next step of her course; William Blake. At this point I would like the actress to act really chuffed again as she knew something already that Frank wanted to teach her. This is important as it again shows how well she is progressing in the course. From the analysis of the chosen scenes, I believe I have shown how the character of Rita changes as she progresses through the play. As Rita's character changes from unschooled, working class girl to an intellectual person who enjoys sharing poetry with other people, my evaluation shows what she had to do to become what she is now. In Act One, Scene One to Act Two, Scene One you see that Rita progresses at a high rate. By just going to summer school she has found confidence in herself. It is important for an actress to be able to do a variety of acting otherwise she will never make it to Broadway or the West End or any other type of acting areas. The scenes would need different backgrounds to show what her mood to the course is at the moment and how comfortable she is with it. ?? ?? ?? ?? James ...read more.

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