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Educating rita

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Examine Franks growing sense of unease as Rita becomes more educated Educating Rita was written in 1985 by William Russell, the play was set in the same time that it was written. The 1980's were an important time for Women , they had equal rights but were still not seen as equal they were often paid less than men and were looked at as having no place in the working world let alone the academic one. Margaret Thatcher had become the first female prime minister and for the first time women had a role model to look up to, someone that showed them that women did have a place in the working and academic worlds and that they could do the same jobs as men just as well. Class was of high importance lower class people were deemed unable to be educated of it and to be less than those of a higher class. William Russell's play is an attack on the social divide of society at the time, he uses humour to soften the attack and make sure that it is well received. Rita is a 26 year old working class woman, she is strong willed and determined to be educated both her sex and class impede her from progress she believes that being educated will make her happy. ...read more.


the closed window represents Frank who is blocking any opportunities that Rita is offered this is shown more clearly when Rita returns from summer school. We see Frank is uneasy over the sudden progress she has made in summer school "Of course; you don't do Blake without doing innocence and experience, do y?" "No. Of course." This shows Frank's unease over him losing control of Rita's development and how she is beginning to become more independent. We next see a jealous streak in Frank arise, Rita tells Frank that she has been invited to go to the south of France with tiger. As soon as Rita mentions it Franks is on the defensive, he makes the excuse "you have your exams" despite knowing that her exams are before Christmas. He then tries to stop Rita changing things such as how she speaks and acts and becoming what she believes to be proper and higher class "But ... your going to have to change" "I don't know if I want to tell you....What you here is already valuable." Frank doesn't want Rita to become upper class and be the same as everyone else, I think that when Frank does this its not because he doesn't recognize that Rita wants to change but that he know what its like being upper class he doesn't want her to end up like him hating his life. ...read more.


"He's a bit of a wanker really." Rita realises that education isn't the key to happiness and that she won't be happy just because she is educated she first begins to realise this when Trish tries to commit suicide to despite her class and education. Frank on the other hand is going even further down but despite this he seems to be quite content more so than at the start of the play. When she mentions going to France Frank is no longer defensive and instead merely takes a casual interest "will you?" he no longer tries to stop her. In the final part of the scene Frank gives Rita a dress, near the beginning of the play Rita talks about how she used to buy new dresses but couldn't because she spent all of her money on the tutorial. The dress represents Frank's strong desire for Rita to return the one that was different to everyone else in the upper class the one who was a breath of fresh air. Russell expresses views that are exactly the opposite to the views of society at the time through Educating Rita he uses humour to soften the blow but the book has a serious message hidden in it, that women are equal to men and should be respected. Conor Newton ...read more.

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