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Educating Rita

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Educating Rita by Willey Russell Essay Question In what way does Willey Russell show that Rita changes throughout the play? At the start of the play, Rita is presented to the audience as very common and working class individual. This is showed mainly through her attitude when she enters the scene. She strolls into the room without a care in the world and in numerous occasions she uses foul language. Rita also comes across as a down to earth character with her very strong scouse accent. She comes across as working class in different occasions one being at the start, with her first impression. You meet her right at the start of the play and the clothes she wears indicates she is very tarty but on the other hand she is very kind and warm hearted. The first thing that Rita says as she enter the room is "I'm cumin' in, aren't I? ...read more.


This also makes the audience admire her for this. Rita is a great character who is eager to learn. For example frank asks Rita "What do you want to learn?" Rita replies quickly with "everything." This shows that she is cocky on one hand, but on the other she is eager to learn and enthusiastic. She appears to Frank as a challenge, and for once he has a student willing to learn and take the course seriously. Rita doesn't have a good relationship with her husband, going to the university could break it up, but this gives more excitement between Frank and Rita. Willy Russell has created this so it is a love story as well as a play. This gives extra dimension to the play because the audience are intrigued and want to know if they get together or stay just as friends. ...read more.


Rita says in a posh voice "I have merely decided to talk properly. As Trish says there is not a lot of point in discussing beautiful literature in an ugly voice." Frank does not agree in any aspect of this statement. She clearly states that she is better off the way she has always been. Be her self. The university insists that frank should take a two-year break off to Australia. Rita being very upset she wants to give him a present. Whilst her being lower class she can't afford much so she decides to give him a haircut with her being a hairdresser. Frank also presents her with a gift, as a leaving present. After all this Rita decides to change her name back to Susan. This shows that she will do things in life that she wants. I think Willy Russell presents Rita in a strong way, which will either make the audience love her or hate her. I think I'm more occasions people will love her. ...read more.

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