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Educating Rita

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Educating Rita In Act 1 Scene 1 at the very beginning the audience are introduced to Frank a open university tutor who is on the phone to Eliot looking for a bottle of whisky then he puts the phone down, seconds later the phone rings again its franks girlfriend the audience knows this because he refers to her as "darling" argues with her on the phone and then puts it down, when there's a knock at the door. The door opens with a tatty looking young women standing there Frank tells her to come in and sit down In this scene Frank and Rita are just getting to now each other a this moment Rita is wanting to be taught enough to turn her life around because she is not happy with her life at the moment, Frank tells her she has to work very hard to get what she wants. ...read more.


says "its burnt, all those Chekhov books you lent me are all burnt to, Danny found out I was on the pill again and I left me prescription out so he burnt them". Frank asks her if she wants to abandon the course she says NO a silly fight with the husband wouldn't stop her from her education. Frank tries to get her to talk about her a Denny but she doesn't want to but he tries to force her but no replies to his question with a sinister NO! In Act two the audience see a different turn around in Rita's attitude and appearance she dresses a lot smarter now and talks with better English a bit like Mr Higgins and Eliza Doolittle in My Fair Lady. ...read more.


When she gets back from London she tells Frank that she has moved out of her husband's house to move in with her friend and flatmate Trish talking about how classy she is and saying it makes her feel young again. After she has as finished talking she asked Frank what France and he just says there's not much to tell she asks him did he drink or write he just said a little this scene is just looking at Rita's relationship with Frank. Act two Scene Seven Rita has graduated and left the Open University and Frank is leaving and moving to Australia to retire and rest, Rita and Frank have become extremely close and in the last scene you see Rita as a bit of a flirt and tease and just as Rita goes to cut Franks hair the go to blackout and all the audience here is "OUCH"... ...read more.

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