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Educating Rita.

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Educating Rita Rita is a hairdresser from Liverpool. She is uneducated, she left school without any qualifications and she feels incomplete. Although her husband wants to have a baby, she feels that a baby will invade her life at the moment. Instead Rita feels she needs to discover herself and she wants to learn so she decides to do an Open University course. Frank is a married tutor at the university that Rita attends. He teaches Rita on a one to one basis. I am going to be looking at act 1 scene 7 where Frank is asking Rita why she did not turn up to his house. In this scene Rita lacks confidence because she feels she is not intelligent enough to make conservation with people "with knowledge, 'livin' a civilised life". I will also be looking at act 2 scene 1. In this scene Rita is a changed person, she is explaining to Frank about her fantastic experiences at summer school and tells him "you wouda been dead proud of me", and Frank saying "What is this vision, returning from the city?" ...read more.


There is evidence that becoming educated is cutting Rita off from her background. For instance when she leaves Franks house and sees her family singing together in the pub, she feels left out. This makes her think to herself "why don't I just pack it all in and stay with them, and join in the singing?" Rita's mother joins in with the singing but then starts crying which shows she is unhappy and says "we could sing better songs than those." This reflects that she could have done better in her life. Her behaviour has had an effect on Rita in the way that Rita has no self-confidence. This makes Rita think that she wants to be different from her mother, by being successful in her life by continuing her education because she realises there is more to life than spending your time in the pub, she will have everything to gain and nothing to lose. ...read more.


She is now educated, has a better job, does not speak slang no anymore, reads books and visits theatres instead of pubs. She tells Frank she has had a fantastic time. She has spent all week with a crowd of friends whom she went round London with visiting theatres, getting drunk, staying up "dead late" and buying "second hand gear in the markets" she did lots of work had lots of lectures and produced many essays. The teaching in the room is on a one to one basis rather than Rita being one student amongst many. This is why Frank gets to know Rita well and gets to see the dramatic changes in her. The author is trying to tell the audience that ordinary people can do well for themselves. If they aim high they will be successful. His message is still important today because people of all ages need education to gain employment and prosper. Plays should entertain to keep the audience interested but they should also have a serious message because people will learn from the actor's experiences. English Coursework Educating Rita David Wilkes ...read more.

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