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Educating Rita

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Wednesday 14th June 06 Educating Rita: Over the course of 'Educating Rita' we see an enormous change in the character Susan White, later named Rita after the author of her favourite pulp-fiction book Rubyfruit Jungle. Willy Russell uses multiple dramatic devices to illustrate the transformation in 'Rita'. These devices vary from her extravagant introduction to Frank, her appearance and her ever developing language. Educating Rita is a book about a lower working-class girl who wants to get an education. This she can only do with the assistance of her tutor Frank. There is a budding relationship between Frank and 'Rita' which lets the readers mind run wild with excitement. When Educating Rita was written in 1980, the UK was going through a time of great innovation. Woman's rights improved showing that not only men could do well in society. It was the time of Margaret Thatcher, the first female prime minister, who shook the British citizens by erecting the gates to Downing Street and stopping people from entering on a daily basis. ...read more.


We know they get more intellectual and thought provoking because on page 32 (scene 2) Rita talks about what she is doing now being "the absolute maximum she can expect from this living lark" This shows a more intellectual understanding of life and how Rita has matured and is thinking more about her life and what she can pursue from it. Rita, although seeming very outgoing, is very doubting. She is unsure and uncertain as to whether she belongs in education. Rita says "It'll probably have a job findin' my brain" which shows she doesn't really think she has much of a brain to find. I interpret this as the reader showing self pity and doubt in Rita when things get too tough. Rita we know is very deep in self pity because of the pessimistic things she says. She isn't the happiest of people but wants to be happy and improve her life by getting a qualification and do something with her life. ...read more.


I see a mixed up girl who worries about why she is doing the course and who wants to change but is unsure the real reason why she is. Rita wants to change but other people think if she goes to Open University she will change so much they won't recognise her. She wants to be the same person she always has been and yet learn something that will help her in her lifetime. Rita is a young girl who aims to change her life for the better through learning more, catching up on what she lost and learning what life is really like when you are clever and know the real world. She wants to see life and live hers to the full. However as she has the calamity of not being able to enter franks room to learn we see her want to learn as she waits and keeps trying. The door is a doorway to learning and a doorway to freedom and she attempts to get in but it is a blocked door. This is the first hurdle in the new start to her life and she wants to go further. ...read more.

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