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Educating Rita.

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Educating Rita Q -Re-read Act 2, Scene 3. Rita's Relationship with Frank has changed a lot during the course of the play. As she says in this scene, she knows what she is doing, and she tells him "Just don't keep treating me the same as when I first walked in here!" Show how her relationship with Frank changes in the course of the play, basing your answer on the dramatic dialogue of this scene as well as textual evidence from the play as a whole. A - The main thread of the play entwines itself round the constantly developing relationship between Rita and Frank. Rita is a fresh, young but illiterate woman who develops into a wise person steering her way in life with confidence. Frank is a university tutor who despite his relationship with Rita, becomes increasingly cynical and is eventually unable to maintain his career. Emotional instability can make a person susceptible to the influence of others. ...read more.


Frank responds to her, "My God, you think you've reformed me?" Rita affirms, " I don't wanna reform y'. Y'can do what y'like." She talks openly about the attitudes to education she endured at school. She feels confident enough with Frank to admit her desire to change herself for the better; Out of the blue she challenges Frank, "Are y' (married) ? What's y' wife like?" Frank then dismisses his wife as an irrelevance, "Well, she's not relevant. I haven't seen her for a long time. We split up. All right?" For the first time Frank hints at positive feelings for Rita. He says, "Ah, but Rita, if I was yours would I stop out for days?" He moves on to explain his own lack of self-confidence."...it's myself I'm not too fond of...But I'm afraid Rita, that you'll find there's less to me than meets the eye ". This is a self-prophecy, as Frank's stature deteriorates just as Rita's improves. ...read more.


With every step he's spinning one more piece of thread which will eventually make up the network of his own tragedy. Do you see?" I see this as a further reference to Frank's final outcome to which Rita remains oblivious. In the final scene of Act One there is a further development of their relationship. Denny has offered Rita an ultimatum and she has chosen to leave him. Frank wants to comfort her but she is adamant they discuss her future as an academic only. He explains to her that if she is to achieve success then he must change her, but it is clear this goes against his own wishes." But don't you see, if you're going to write this sort of thing - to pass examinations, you're going to have to suppress, perhaps even abandon your uniqueness. I'm going to have to change you." Rita storms "But, don't you realize I want to change! "Rita is gaining rapidly in self-confidence and is escalating further away from Frank with every scene. By the beginning of Act 2 I believe Frank is showing the first signs of understanding that he will lose the battle for Rita. ...read more.

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