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Educating Rita

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Educating Rita "Educating Rita" is a gripping drama produced by Lewis Gilbert and William P. Cartlidge that focuses on the lives of two very different individuals who are both obliviously in search of a more meaningful life. Rita is a hairdresser from a "common" background whose main aspiration is to change the course of her life and climb up the social ladder. On the other hand, Frank is an alcoholic University lecturer who has achieved all the material things that Rita wishes for, but still leads a troubled life. Together, as tutor and student, they strengthen each other in many ways without realising the impact they have on each other until the very end. A well chosen cast play the lead roles in the drama and seem to bring each and every character to life making them appear real and far from fictional. ...read more.


One particular scene which I found captivating was a scene in which Rita had just met her new roommate after having left her husband. Her new roommate was not just educated and well read, she also had an impressive taste in music. All this mesmerised Rita and resulted in her speaking to Frank in a rather strange accent that she thought sounded appropriate. Another factor that added to the success of the drama was the music that was composed by David Hentschel. It seemed to make important scenes in the drama stand out completely. An example is the scene where Rita had been invited by Frank for dinner but failed to enter the house due to both fear and lack of confidence. ...read more.


However, the fact that they chose to part ways seemed to add a hook to the drama leaving it with the perfect unpredictable ending. All in all , I think "Educating Rita" was a fantastic drama with a perfect plot. It was hard to point out any weaknesses because in my opinion, it was absolutely flawless. The fact that it was conveying a serious message about the realities of life made certain scenes moving. However, it had a humorous side to it that kept it light and stopped it from becoming too serious. I think due to these qualities, it could be enjoyed by different types of people of various age groups. "Educating Rita" highlighted an important, often overlooked message that it is never too late to make changes and that one event in your life can change the whole course of your life forever. ?? ?? ?? ?? P.S Educating Rita GCSE ENGLISH ...read more.

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