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Educating Rita - An appalling teacher or an inspiration?

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An appalling teacher or an inspiration? It is debateable as to whether Frank is an appalling teacher or the extreme opposite. Looking over the scenes, various points are brought to our attention that place Frank in a bad light. Frank is a very unconventional teacher. Although this can be argued as a good trait, Frank is not sufficiently detached from his students. This could lead him to look at her work from a bias point of view. To pass examinations, you're going to have to suppress, perhaps even abandon your uniqueness. In Act One, Scene 8, Rita has written an essay that Frank has describes as valuable, yet not what an examiner is looking for. ...read more.


By this stage of the play, he has mastered a way of explaining things to Rita in a way she will comprehend. He explains clearly and thoroughly so she does so. He has the skill to teach her in a very thought provoking manner. Entangling questions such as If I asked you to make a comparison between those books, into casual conversation between the pair. Frank's non-conformist teaching methods are apparent through out the play. We see in Act Two, Scene Two that Frank is prepared to teach Rita outside his allocated teaching time. Although Rita has already began to show signs of drastic change and the less need for him, Frank is still prepared to put down marking essays to have a discussion with her about Son and Lovers. ...read more.


Yet, contrary to this, his non-conformist approach to teaching Rita obviously has had its effect on Rita, because we can see her change through out the play. Although it can be argued that this change was not necessarily for the better. Frank sees that Rita is losing her views that he initially found most appealing about her. Yet, to Rita, the change is the one she had longed for and her wish was in effect granted for she did succeed in passing her examinations by the end of the play. Overall, I believe that Frank is an inspiration to Rita; he has the important quality of explaining concepts to her in a thought provoking and clear way in which she will understand. Some of his teaching methods are controversial, yet all this ties together to bring out the best in Rita, which is what was the initial goal that was successfully achieved. ...read more.

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