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'Educating Rita' by Willy Russell - the changing character of Rita

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Educating Rita The play 'Educating Rita' by Willy Russell is a socio-economic comedy which looks at the ideas of choice leading from a journey of ignorance to independence. The play looks at someone seeking far for education and the problems they encounter along the way. Rita is the main character and changes through out. This essay will consider what advice a director should give to an actor approaching this role. The role of the director is to translate ideas of the playwright from 'page to stage'. He helps the actor find the true inverse character emotionally, physically and physiologically. It is an important role in theatre as especially in a play like ' Educating Rita' which is a naturalistic drama. At the start of the play Rita is a really bubbly, talkative person young lady .She walks into Frank's office for the first time very confident and enthusiastic getting prepared for education. The first impression an audience would get from her is that she is a nice honest woman, who speaks with a loud liverpudlian accent and often swears ...read more.


tells her 'There's not a lot of point in discussing beautiful literature in an ugly voice'. As a director I would tell her to speak in a less liverpudlian accent and pronounce all words form start to finish. An received pronunciation accent would be effective and a drastic change. Rita again changes by her independence. Since she's been very enthusiastic about her education she's become very independent and confident. Rita's husband Denny didn't want her focusing on education, instead he wanted a family, he made Rita choose between education or him. Rita's attitude changes because she wants to fit in with all the people at Frank's house who have been educated. Frank invited her for dinner at his house with a few of his colleagues. In the end she didn't go because she had trouble finding the right dress, then she got the wrong bus, when she got the right bus she stood on Frank's drive and felt panicky that she didn't have the right wine or she wouldn't fit in. ...read more.


She could change the rhythm in her speeches to reflect the level of excitement about the two places. By the end of Act Two Rita has physically changed into a new and improved woman. When she got invited round for tea Rita asked Frank "What shall I wear?". This shows that all the people at Frank's are for example a group of tigers and she's a different form of animal and she want's to change into a tiger to fit in with everyone. She will do anything to change. The role of Rita is very exciting because she is a multi-faced, 3 dimensional character. Throughout the play Rita changes in confidence, physical change, personality, status and attitude. The actress playing Rita needs to act in a variety of ways conveying a range of emotions such as happy, sad, angry, proud, disgusted, nosy and enthusiastic. The director's role is challenging, as this role is hugely diverse. Russell uses Rita as his voicepeice to express his own opinions of education and class, also a good director would translate these opinions to the audience. ...read more.

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