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Educating Rita Coursework

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Educating Rita Coursework Daniel Chambers 10Jn 10X1 Miss Beresford. Introduction Do at the end:) Synopsis of the story Rita is a working class, 26- year old hairdresser living in the North-East England. She takes a decisive step of enrolling in the English literature course at an open university. This means that she has to break away from the tight restrictions imposed on her, due to her husband and by her community at work and home, and become educated. During the play she experiences lot of stress imposed on her, this is from splitting up with her boyfriend and dealing with her flatmate trying to take an overdose of drugs. However, she decides to continue her roles of a student and finally passes her exam. She is helped to pass her exams by her tutor, Frank. Frank is Rita's tutor at the Open University. He isn't just Rita's tutor but he is also a literature lecturer. ...read more.


This means that Rita is trying to avoid Frank losing his temper and also preventing Frank to heavily drink. In the scene there should be no long pauses, this is due to a fact that they are criticising each other about the night before. They talk about Rita bringing the wrong wine and Rita forgetting her knowledge on literature, Rita criticising Frank about how he did not understand how Rita felt. In this scene the movement is very minimal, the only real movement is when Frank walks behind Rita and leans on the back of her chair. This shows Frank's feelings to Rita, he is trying to get closer to her. The other main part of this scene is the part where Rita describes to Frank what she does after looking through his window and backing out. Once she visited Frank's house she "Went back to the pub where Denney was, an' me mother, an' our Sandra, an' her mates." ...read more.


This shows that Rita thinks she has improved her literature skills. This shows that she is positive and self-believing. She should be open-minded and positive, whereas Frank should listen and take in the feedback Rita is providing. He then goes onto being arrogant and tells Rita what his poetry really was, "This clever, pyrotechnical pile of self-conscious allusion is worthless, talentless, shit and could be recognised as such by anyone with a shred of common sense." When he starts the bit of his speech he should have no self-respect and he is insulting Rita in the way of telling her that her thoughts of this were totally wrong, and anybody with a shred of common sense can see it. Rita returns this speech by a long piece of dialogue telling Frank that he is a "Self-Pitying Piss Artist." This means that Rita is telling Frank he is a piteous alcoholic. She saying that Frank doesn't like it now she is educated and "grow-up", she is saying she is less gullible. ...read more.

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