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Educating Rita Essay

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EDUCATING RITA by Willy Russell Willy Russell was born in 1947 in Whiston which is close to Liverpool. Willy Russell had left school with one O-level in English. When Willy Russell had left school, Willy Russell had taken the job of being a hairdresser. Willy Russell had been through a selection of jobs which include writing songs for a local folk club which used to be performed, as well as writing songs and sketches for radio programmes near by. When Willy Russell was 25 years old he decided to go back to college. After completing his education in college, Willy Russell had become a teacher in Toxteth. While teaching Willy Russell began to take a lot more interest in writing dramas which lead him to writing the play "Educating Rita". This play is a semi-autobiographical because just like Russell "Rita" is very similar to Russell due to the reasons I had mentioned above such as living in Liverpool, leaving school with no education, a occupation such as hairdressing etc. This play is about social issues such as poor education, and poor living conditions for the young in English cities. When we first hear about Rita, we hear her name by Frank who is classing her as "Some silly women". We find out that Rita is 25 years of age who speaks slang and inappropriate informal language.. ...read more.


Here at this point of the play Rita really feels like as if she is a freak and cannot fit in with Frank and the way he lives his life and the way the people live there life that Frank was with. The real interesting part of the play is when the play has a twist to the play when Rita goes away to OU Summer School. When Rita returns from the OU Summer School Rita doesn't find it difficult to talk to the other University student with hesitation and without feeling like she does not fit in with them, thinking she is different to them. Frank say's to Rita that their next lesson will be on "Blake" but unfortunately finds out that she has already studied that in OU Summer School which makes frank feel highly jealous as it makes him feel like Rita does not need him anymore, and that he is actually in need of Rita himself. When Frank started drinking a lot, the full time students had complained about Franks Drinking which meant that it was only Rita who needed him, but at situation like this when Rita had studied a lot during OU Summer School I think that it makes Frank feel left out. One day during the play Rita comes into Franks office acting really weird and is imitating Trish, Rita's flatmate, which makes Frank wonder why Rita is behaving like the way she is. ...read more.


Rita is provoked to lie about the fact that she is off the pill. When Rita's husband "Danny" finds out about this facts he is really hurt and furious and burns Rita's books and gives Rita and ultimatum of either leaving her education and the pills or either leaving the house altogether, Danny had even packed Rita's suitcase for encase she was to choose her education, in which case she did choose her education. The only reason for why Rita did not want a child was because of Rita's mother. Rita's mother did not have proper education due to having a child at a really young age. So because of this Rita wanted to go ahead and finish her education and then think about her life. Rita's pursuit of education results in many dramatic changes. At the beginning she was very insecure and not confident with herself constantly thinking she doesn't fit in with the other students classing them as "real student" whereas classing herself as a "freak". By the end of the play Rita became a lot more confident with herself and got along with the other student extremely well and could write university standard essays, and no longer needs Frank. Rita's marriage was not a success due to wanting to carry on with her education Rita had to leave her husband whereas he got married again and had a child, which he really desired. ...read more.

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