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Educating Rita from a director's point of view.

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Educating Rita from a director's point of view. "Educating Rita" by Willy Russell is a play based on one working class women's struggle to become educated. The play has just two characters, Rita, the women seeking an education and Frank, her designated tutor. One of the play's main themes is the emotional and social changes that occur as the play, and Rita's education, progresses. In this essay I will write from a director's viewpoint how I think certain scenes of the play should be performed. I have selected act one scenes one and three and act two scene four as I think these scenes represent the changes in the two characters throughout the play. Act 1 Scene 1 I chose this scene as I think it shows the contrasts between the two characters when they first meet. The whole play is performed inside Frank's office with only two characters, Frank and Rita ever interacting on stage. I think though, that it would help the audience visually, when either character is describing a past memory or event, if the characters from this situation came onto the stage and act out these mentioned experiences (with no sound) ...read more.


A key moment in this scene, which reveals Rita's character at this point in the play, is when she says "All right. It'll probably have a job finding my brain." This shows that she is a jester type character, but she clearly doesn't want to be. She doesn't want to be "thick" and this scene shows that she is determined to shake off this tag, and become an educated woman. In terms of interaction between Frank and Rita, the actress needs to show that Rita doesn't notice how awkward the dialog is between them in this scene, and also she needs to show that Rita's understanding of conversation in appropriate circumstances is almost non-existent. Another key moment in this scene is where Rita says, "God, what's it like to be free?" she is referring to what it would be like to live a different life away from "common" people, and this is why she seeks an education. I think that this one line is so important because it symbolises the desperation of Rita to break away from her current lifestyle. By the end of the scene the actress needs to have revealed just how desperate Rita actually is without changing her movements or mannerisms on stage. ...read more.


This is to demonstrate that despite the bond that they have made, Rita's progress is turning the two characters against each other. The characters interaction has returned to awkwardness of the first scene. But now Frank is forcing the awkwardness upon the situation with his rude and abrupt questioning. Here I think it would the best way for the actress to show utter frustration with the way Frank is living his life is to put a lot of dramatic emphasis on lines such as: "If you could just stop pouring that junk down your throat in the hope that it'll make you feel like a poet you might be able to talk about things that matter". This is a key moment as it shows that Rita cares for Frank, and that is why she is still coming to his office not to learn but out habit. At this point I would like the actress to express pity towards Frank as his possessiveness is overcoming him. To conclude, I believe that the actress playing Rita must be able to express lots of emotions visually and realistically. Though I have only chosen three scenes, the whole play in fact would be done in a similar fashion, showing gradual changes in the two characters and their relationship through changes in lighting, costume, movement, voice and gestures. ...read more.

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