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Educating Rita is about two from opposite worlds

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This script is about two people from two different worlds. Frank is a professor who teaches at a Victorian built university and his only leisure is to drink alcohol as it shows in the beginning '(Jubilantly he moves to the Dickens section and pulls out a pile of books to reveal a bottle of whisky)'. He leads a boring life which consists of his girlfriend and her lamb and ratatouille-"Because, darling, I like my lamb done to the point of abuse and even I know that ratatouille cannot be burned". Frank is very straight forward when it comes to having a conversation "Erm-probably", "No-no-you're probably right". On the other hand, Rita, a hairdresser, leads an out-going, sloppy life 'The door swings open revealing RITA', 'RITA (going to the chair by the desk and dumping her bag)'. ...read more.


Everyday as Rita comes in; into Frank's room she dumps her bag, smokes a cigarette, talks in a playful matter and swears a lot. Rita enters into Frank's room which metaphorically means she enters into his life. The sloppy, vulgar character that she represents affects Frank in so many ways because he has never met anyone or has not in a while met anyone who could be as free spirited as Rita. Frank comes is with in great shock as he experiences her uniqueness. Frank is always so very serious and up tight, he has a girlfriend who can not support him with his depressive attitude towards life and the only thing that can suppress his depression is alcohol which he drinks regularly. Frank goes through an everyday ritual which is lifeless and dull 'He takes the sandwiches and apples from his briefcase and puts them on his desk and then goes to the window and dumps the essays and briefcase...' ...read more.


What Rita points out is that what her mum really means is they could have a better life. Denny, her husband, wants children but Rita does not want children just yet because she wants to sort out her life first. She wants to be educated like Frank. In conclusion there is a role reversal. Their paths cross, Rita found what she was looking for; intellect and her 'freedom'. Frank stopped drinking or is a lot more sober than he used to be. Although, Rita's influence on Frank changed him a lot but now that Rita developed a character like his, he regrets ever teaching her "But I've told you-I don't want to do it. Why come to me?" The fact that in the end there is a role reversal affects Frank in a positive and negative manner. He managed to change a woman completely but by doing so lost a friend who he could connect with. ...read more.

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