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Educating Rita is set in the 1970's and is about a young woman called Rita who is 26 years old and works in a hairdressers.

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Educating Rita is set in the 1970's and is about a young woman called Rita who is 26 years old and works in a hairdressers, she is fed up with it and wants to change but cant due to the fact that she doesn't have an education because she left school at the age of 15. Therefore she sets out to get an education and she enrols in an open university where she has a tutor called Frank. However frank is reluctant to teach her. Frank believes he has nothing to offer her but Rita is determined to have frank as her teacher "you're bloody well gonna teach me" In this essay I will comment on how Willy Russell shows how Rita's character changes throughout the play, I will comment on changes in Rita's change in language, in her name, mannerisms, habits and relationships. You can see in the play that Russell is also commenting on society as Russell is almost like Rita, she lives near Liverpool with little education and works in a hairdressers and tries to get the opportunity to have choice by getting an education as Russell also came from Liverpool During the play Russell shows that the class system is apart of modern society and Rita wants to change classes, from working to middle I think this is because of self-betterment she feels that people don't listen to her because she is a lower class to them. ...read more.


This shows that Rita is ambitious and has goals that she wants to achieve like for example she wants to break away from her background but to do this you need determination and that is exactly what Rita is doing. To help Rita understand the "chekhov play" Frank suggests that she should go to the theatre so Rita asks frank to come with her and frank says no. So she goes on her own and sees Macbeth "I had to come an' tell y' frank, last night I went to the theatre" Rita thinks that the theatre is so amazing and tells frank all about it and frank explains to her the difference between tragic and tragedy When Rita was supposed to go and have dinner with Frank and Julia she does not turn up. Her reason for this was that she did not know what wine to pick and when she did pick one she had picked the wrong one that was Spanish plonk. She felt embarrassed by this because if you are going to take some sort of drink you take champagne and Rita turns up with Spanish plonk this says something about her class and where she comes. It just shows that working class people don't get invited to many formal parties or dinners. ...read more.


So what did she get out of it she gets an education, which is what she always wanted, but the question is it all worth it because if you look at what she has lost trying to get an education she has lost her husband. All the students she made friends and Trish she nearly lost Frank all because she was on the path to discover who she was. My personal opinion is that when she starts to get educated she snubs off frank even though Frank is a higher class to her yet she goes and makes friends with Trish who Rita thinks knows everything but she really doesn't know everything. Yes she may know which music to listen to and what to say to people but she is a hypocrite. I think by the end of the play Rita achieves an education, which is going to give her lots of choices in her life, she is her own self towards the end and she has her own individuality and she doesn't use other peoples opinions she has own. Also by the end of the play we the audience start to like Rita again because she is her self. I think Russell was trying to show in Educating Rita that everyone has a choice in life no matter what you do and that you should not follow others and don't let peer pressure get to you Educating Rita English Literature Sahera Begum 10T Page 1 ...read more.

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