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Educating Rita - Read Act 1, Scene 1 and explain whether you think it is an effective way to start the play.

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Read Act 1, Scene 1 and explain whether you think it is an effective way to start the play. Comment on: How Russell introduces the characters and themes. How he makes the scene dramatic and entertaining. Russell uses an effective way to start the play. It is effective because we find out that Frank is alcohol dependent and he is lazy by not getting the door fixed. Russell faces many problems when trying to introduce his play such as showing Franks alcohol dependency, Rita striving for a change, showing relationships between Frank and Rita, Frank and Julia and Rita and Denny. A telephone call tells us that Frank has a partner. The telephone tells us that Frank and Julia do not get on very well. The advantage of a telephone call is that it tells us that Frank has a partner in an easy way. At the start of the play we see Frank looking for alcohol behind books of the self. ...read more.


The misunderstanding between them is the source of much of the humour in the scene. Rita tries to show that she is aware of art by talking about the painting on the wall, but she does so in very direct terms, which startles Frank such as when Rita says "erotic" and "tits". Rita further shows her directness by referring to the Open University as "degrees for dishwashers". Russell brings humour into the play before anyone says a word. We think that Frank is looking for a book on the shelves but we soon find out that Franks is actually looking for a bottle of whisky that he has hidden so the student and other teachers cannot see it. He drinks from a mug which indicates to us that Frank's drinking is secretive and he might be a big drinker. Rita culture reference is with cop shows such as Elliot Ness, which clashes with Frank's references, which are to do with the poet T.S.Elliot. ...read more.


Rita is very direct, rude, outspoken and tells Frank what to do: "It's that stupid bleedin' handle on the door. You wanna get it fixed!" This tells us that Rita says anything that she wants to or what is on her mind without thinking about it. Rita asks Frank why he took the job to work for the Open University. Rita also asks him if he needed more money. Asking Frank if he is doing it for more money is very rude. Russell makes the scene entertaining and dramatic by making the scene humorous. Rita tries to show that she is intelligent by "going to the bookcase," this shows that she is interested in books, literature and want to learn. Rita picks up a book called Howards Ends by E.M.Forster. She read the title of the book and makes a joke about it: "its sound filthy." Willy Russell makes it an effective way to start the play. He introduced the characters quickly and effectively. We find out what the characters are exactly like straight away. Mikash Haria 10P ...read more.

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