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educating rita review

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Twentieth century drama Educating Rita In what way is act 1 scene 1 a good introduction to the plays main themes and characters? Educating Rita by Willy Russell was written in 1985, it is a slightly autobiographical account of women's hairdresser, Rita, who joins the Open University to gain the exam results she never got in school. The play takes place in a first floor study of a Victorian built university in the north of England. There she meets Frank, her tutor. Rita and Frank are the main characters and the only ones you see on stage during the course of the play. Frank is shown in act one to be a boring, slightly abusive alcoholic. The scene starts with Frank searching his bookcase for something, pulling books out then replacing them. 'E, e, e... aw yes dickens!' he then pulls out a bottle of whiskey and pours himself a slug into a mug he is holding in his hand, then he answers the ringing phone. 'Yes...of course I'm sill here...yes I shall go to the pub afterwards.' ...read more.


Rita fixes the problem with the door at the start of act 1 scene 2 ' just oilin' it for y' ... I know you wouldn't get round to it.' This shows that Rita is proactive and during all the she never sits down enquires about everything in the room 'that's a nice picture, isn't it?' this shows that she is very restless and is very curios, there is also a bit of an innocence about her, she says thing that are out of place in the study but Rita barley seems to care for the rules also showing she is informal ' there's no suppose about it look at those tits... so you turn it off and say " that's fucking rubbish".' She also doesn't seem to like well with her 'fellow' students of the normal university, she sees herself as a cheat using the OU to get her degrees 'degrees for dishwashers.' Using the OU, Rita hopes to find herself and gain a new life out of it. Unlike Frank, Rita is uneducated, when frank speaks of the poet 'Yeates' Rita think of winelodge. ...read more.


Frank on the other hand takes his education for granted and drinks it away, and that it is a waste of time getting an education. The title educating Rita is an ambiguous one, it could mean one or both of two things the fact that someone is educating Rita or that Rita is the one actually teaching someone, as the tagline for the film goes; the more Rita loves to learn, the Frank learns to love. Frank and Rita are so different it is unbelievable, frank is so old and boring and Rita young and bubbly. Then the difference in class and jobs, frank being a middleclass teacher and Rita a working class hairdresser. Even though the difference are huge they are closer than they think, during the course of the play frank and Rita both go through break ups and then they both try to turn theirs lives around, Frank moving to Australia and Rita fulfilling her dreams and getting an education. I think the opening was a great way of introducing the main themes and characters to the audience in this play. ...read more.

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