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Educating Rita - summary.

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Educating Rita Educating Rita is a play written by Willy Russell, it is set in Liverpool in the early 80's. It is written to highlight the difference in class between an upper class lecturer, and a working class student. The play shows how Rita changes her class, but perhaps also loses some of her values due to the class change. Willy Russell uses Rita to explore the theme of educating; it also shows a woman going onto further education, something that was not common it the time the play was written. In the first act, Rita is presented as a working class woman, brought up in a working class environment. She has a strong Liverpool accent, and a typical Liverpool dry sense of humour, emphasising her working class existence. Rita and Frank contrast greatly, Frank is a well-educated upper class lecturer who is well spoken,' I think it is beautiful', Rita uses colloquial language is stress that she is working class,' ...read more.


Frank really starts to depend on Rita, and perhaps falls in love with her, when Rita's boyfriend Danny, leaves her. Danny is jealous of the relationship between Frank and Rita, and is perhaps also jealous because Rita is becoming educated, a rare thing in the time the play was written. This is showing Rita's dramatic change, as she goes from working class to upper class, she pushes away the people closest to her, not only her boyfriend but also her best friend Denny. Towards the end of the play, Frank begins to show his feelings about Rita more clearly, by inviting her out for dinner. This is the act in which the change in character really takes place; Rita becomes much less reliant on Frank, whereas Frank becomes totally dependant on Rita. Frank becomes an alcoholic; such is his obsession for Rita, and he becomes jealous because she makes new friends, and no longer needs him to teach her. ...read more.


This is a complete role reversal from the beginning of the play, and the reader almost pities Frank by the end of the second act. I believe that by becoming educated, Rita has done what she has always dreamed of doing, she has become and educated woman who is respected by society, but she has also lost some of the values that made her who she was. She has become careless and completely selfish, and ungrateful to all that Frank has done for her. She uses Frank to educate her, and seems to have no real feelings towards Frank, and once she has been educated, she no longer wants Frank in her life. Frank cannot accept this, and turns to alcohol as a solution to his problems. Rita has become a higher-class citizen, and because of this has lost everyone close to her. She is now educated, but it has completely changed her life, she has lost her values, and the education has come at a great price. ...read more.

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