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Educating Rita was published in 1982, written by Willy Russel.

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English Course work Joshua Malin 10K Educating Rita Educating Rita was published in 1982, written by Willy Russel. Educating Rita tells the story of a university lecturer, named Frank, and an undereducated Liverpudlian woman, named Rita, in search for higher learning. Being set in the 80's, the book and its story reflect some of the most pivotal moments in British history for women and their access to learning after leaving school. When we first meet the two characters, we are given the impression that they are the ultimate "odd" couple. The first scene opens with Frank searching for a drink in a slightly frantic state. Already we can see that Frank is a dipsomaniac, meaning he likes the odd drink now and again. Frank suddenly receives a phone call from his girlfriend, Julia. No pleasantries are exchanged just a rather rude reply from Frank. 'Yes?... of course I'm still here!' After listening to Frank's passionless conversation, it is clear to the viewers/readers that the relationship between them is less than romantic. ...read more.


This story isn't just a tale of romance and struggle of a working class woman. It's also a great big comparison of two totally different social worlds. Frank most probably went to a private school and Rita most probably went to a comprehensive school. For a night out, Frank would go to a respected restaurant and then to a wine bar where as Rita would pick up some fish and chips to go, then head to her local pub. The audience is hooked to see how the characters relationship will develop especially with obstacles in their way put there by the stories clash of cultures. It seems unusual that these people would have met on a normal day and most writers would have come up with some silly event to occur for the characters to at least catch each others name but I feel Willy Russel has provided an excellent situation for these two characters to meet. The one thing that you love about this play is its ability to make you laugh. ...read more.


The flirting that goes on between these two characters is amazing and very well hidden. It's all in the dialogue. If you were to imagine what Frank and Rita would look like when they were sharing a scene, well, if looks could kill then the play would turn into a massacre; naughty looks would be exchanged, licking of lips and of course raising of eye brows. I would say, they are so attracted to each other because they are a breathe of fresh air to one another. Things start going down hill when the second act comes into play. Frank becomes jealous of Rita's acquired friends at the university. She starts to gain her own point of view on the work she is studying and Frank is threatened by that. Frank becomes very resentful over Rita's new found persona fuelled by alcohol, the dominating male in him is released and Frank tries to take control over Rita's educational life, telling her what to do. This creates a lot of tension for the audience. We are left wondering whether they will eventually become enemies. ...read more.

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