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Educating Rita-Willy Russel.

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English Coursework Educating Rita-Willy Russel Educating Rita by Willy Russel illustrates a series of issues. It explains what Rita's school life was like in early schooling and how she wants to change that and become a different person in life. Rita, the main character who struggled for an education in early life wants to take herself beyond the working class and commits herself to an Open University course. She believes in completing her education that she will have "choices" and "lead a better way of life." This play by Willy Russel makes the point that woman in the early seventies wanted to change their way of living and become more independent. Rita feels that living a better way of life is being able to have "choices" and to "know everything." She goes about this in many different ways. Rita is a woman in her mid twenties who has a part time job as a hairdresser. She is a woman who wants to be able to associate her life with the middle class culture. She wants to be able to do things that other cultures do, and under stand opera and ballet. ...read more.


She explains to Frank that she does not "just want to sit there in front of the telly an'" watch opera or ballet and "call it fucking rubbish." She wants to be able to understand it. After a few sessions at her Open University Course Rita is given some books to study on the behalf of Frank. When she goes home she finds out that her husband Denny knows that she is on the pill and decides to burn her books as a punishment. He believes that education is stopping Rita wanting to have a baby. Rita tells her tutor Frank, who finds it quite disturbing. She explains to him that she is "busy enough finding out about herself, let alone findin' out about someone else." She explains to him that she "don't want anyone else" but wants to find out what is "inside" her. Rita's husband and family are all part of working class culture and make it difficult for Rita to get what she wants. One character in the play that understands Rita is her mother. She recognises Rita's reasons for "wanting to lead a better life." ...read more.


Rita is now looking at life in a different way to most of her family and friends. She is becoming a misfit in her own community. She begins to find it hard to associate with her family, especially her husband. Denny and Rita are becoming two different people who want to lead different styles of life. Denny can no longer live with this and asks Rita to stop her university course or "get out altogether." She decides to leave, she did not want to betray him, but there is one person she can defiantly could not betray is herself, and her own personal feelings. Rita explains to Frank what happened with Denny, how it is an ultimatum to complete her course, and be able to pass exams. Rita explains to Frank that she wants no pity or sympathy in her teaching, she just wants to know whether her work is right or wrong. If it is wrong she wants him to tell her so she can bin it, and then start over. All that is in Rita's life now is her ambitions for the future and Open University course. Frank tells Rita that the only way she will be able to complete this course is by changing her own personnel uniqueness and how he will have to change her. Jamie Hartley 10V ...read more.

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