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Education Rita - How have Frank and Rita changed in act 2

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Georgina Edwards How have Frank and Rita changed in act 2 I will show you how Frank and Rita have changed, by their personalities and the needs for each have changed over act two. In act one that frank has a strong need for alcohol; and as you we see in act 2, frank has become increasing reliant on alcohol. Frank "Pissed? I was glorious, fell off the rostrum twice" This could be because of depression, as we see though act one and two, that frank has some relationship problems and isn't satisfied with life. We see that Frank has changed in act two, by his behaviour. In act two we also see franks reactions to Rita has changed. He can't grasp the fact that Rita wants to be a different person and doesn't understand why she wants to change. ...read more.


We see that frank has changed because of the way he has become more dependent on Rita. In act two, we see that Frank is now like Rita in act one, and Rita is now like Frank in act one. Rita "We talk about what's important, Frank, and we leave out the boring details for those who want them." Frank "Is Mr. Tyson one of your customers?" Here it shows that Frank like Rita in act one; he shows this by wanting to know random unnecessary questions about Rita's life. But Rita shows that she doesn't care about the small insignificant questions about franks life and only wants to know or learn about the important facts. We see big changes in Rita though act 2; Rita at the beginning was very confident in herself, but she wasn't very secure in the university and surrounded by the students. ...read more.


We also see that Rita is becoming more mature. Rita "It was right on the tip of me tongue to say "only served with parmesan cheese", but I didn't Frank, I didn't. I held it back." We see here, what Rita would of said in act one; but as we see Rita didn't and took the subject serious and didn't joke about it. This shows that Rita doesn't use humour to hide that she's not securer about a topic or subject. We also Rita trying to forget her past and changing her mind about everything she used to believe. Frank "I got around to reading it you know, ruby fruit jungle. It's excellent" Rita "oh go away, frank. Of its type it's quite interesting; But hardly excellence." Rita hasn't stop believing in her morals and hasn't stopped believing in wanting a better life; but she has changed her mind on what she considered to be good. We see that Rita has changed by trying to forget what she was before her education. ...read more.

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