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Edward Scissorhands Review

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A reviewer has said that "Edward Scissorhands is an obvious horror movie". Write a letter to the magazine in response arguing whether you agree or disagree with this statement. Film Review 72 North Avenue London N1 3GH Dear Head Film Reviewer, Last month, in your weekly column, you claimed, "Edward Scissorhands is an obvious horror movie" I disagree with this statement as I believe that the film is an epic masterpiece that ingeniously blends the two genres of horror and fairytale perfectly. Tim Burton clearly took time to en vision how this film would look like on the screen. Johnny Depp's portrayal of Edward is that of a sensitive, socially isolated and lovable character that often draws sympathy from the audience. Throughout the movie, Edward is portrayed as a villain but as you later learn, is that all he really wants is to fit in and be loved. Edward Scissorhands contains both typical horror and fairytale genre conventions, which sets the movie above the rest. As the title sequence rolls, at first glance the genre denoted is of an obvious horror movie. It gives the audience that impression as the main colours used are black and navy blue alongside low-key lighting to create shadows which transforms the atmosphere to hostile and anxious. ...read more.


There is a sudden contrast of day and night, as we are shown suburbia in the daytime and high key lighting and an establishing shot have been used. The contrast of the lighting signifies that there was a flashback. As we see more of the suburb, we notice that the houses are colour co-ordinated in bright, pastel colours and the gardens neatly cut, not one piece of grass out of place. The impact it gives off is of a happy, safe and perfect suburbia but on the other hand, it makes us, the audience, suspicious that they could be hiding something under all the tidiness because it is just too perfect. The suburb is different from the house on the hill as the house on the hill gives off a Gothic appearance and the suburb is unrealistic enthusiastic. These two settings relate to my main point that Edward Scissorhands follows two genres; that subsequently mix together in every scene. By putting the house on the hill in a close-up shot in the mirror, it introduces the audience to the mansion and shows contrast. The director is forcing us to see that behind every perfection lays an imperfection. We swiftly move on to an establishing shot of the suburb. The fact that the house on the hill is in the middle of the shot is that it says that the house on the hill is where the most important action is going to take place. ...read more.


We expect the meeting to be full of anxiety and screams. But in fact, it feels more like a mother and son conversation that's full of humbleness, love and comfort. Arguably, this scene can be denoted as horror; in profundity, the genre connoted is fairytale. Therefore, in response to your statement claiming that Edward Scissorhands is an 'obvious horror movie' I strongly disagree. Edward Scissorhands' opening scenes do contain obvious horror conventions but also contain conventions of the fairytale genre. I believe that your statement is a presumption of the movie. The soundtrack that features with the movie seems to have a Gothic feel but in fact after those tracks have been heard, there's chirpier sounds that also help to set the fairytale mood. If, analysed carefully, you will find that the movie tends to lean towards the fairytale genre rather than horror. The horror genre is mainly seen in the opening scenes. In horror, you usually come across the ideas of loneliness and isolation but Tim Burton shows us an alternate portrayal of these ideas. On this note, Tim Burton created a film that mixes genres and confounds audience expectations because as being the director, he found that he did not want his film to be predictable. Therefore, by creating contrast between two very different genres throughout the opening scene, the film loses its predictability and makes the audience start to relax and enjoy the storyline more; as it unravels. Yours sincerely, J Smith ...read more.

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