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Edward Scissorhands

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Edward Scissorhands The film that I watched is 'Edward Scissorhands'. Tim Burton produced it in 1990. Johnny Depp plays the main character. Johnny Depp has starred in 'Pirates of the Caribbean' and 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory'. The main genre of the films Depp has featured in is Neo-Gothic fantasy. In this essay I will be illustrating how Tim Burton, The director, creates sympathy towards Edward and why the community turns against him. The story of the film begins with an inventor who lived in a Gothic mansion on top of a hill. This inventor created an android. This Creature was called Edward Scissorhands because he had temporary hands made from scissors. Unfortunately, the inventor died before he was able to give his Christmas present to Edward, which was 'Human Hands'! The inventor taught Edward to function as a human being and he could walk, talk and cut. This special ability to cut and trim made Edward unique and useful. Edward expressed his emotions in a limited fashion. People were sympathetic towards him as they thought he was an orphan, helped him get a job and look after him. Until he was falsely accused of rape and burglary, this is what turned the community against him. ...read more.


Since Edward is different, people will not pay attention to him, as he is not perfect like the rest of them are because he is individualistic and they are not. Edward was held responsible for accidents in which case made the community put a negative view on Edward. The community eventually turned against him. This would make us sympathise with him as he accused of things he had never even done. Peg Boggs is the woman who took Edward down into the community, is a typical sensitive mother, who wants to show Edward the life he deserves by treating him, as one of her sons. Kim, the girl who slowly starts to show her attraction for Edward, is a fragile, beautiful, bright compassionate teenage girl. Kim's boyfriend Jim is uncaring towards her and instantly dislikes Edwards's affection for Kim. Joyce is the seductive neighbour of Peg's and is the person who wrongly accuses Edward of raping her. They are all sympathetic towards Edward, apart from Jim, as they guess he is an orphan only because Peg assumes he is. They are sympathetic, giving things to him such as cakes. Eventually, the whole community falls out with Edward because of the accusations Joyce made that Edward had raped her; he had burgled Jim's house, which in fact was a set up by Jim to get Edward caught by the police as he could pick door locks. ...read more.


As a viewer, I did not lose sympathy for Edward as he was accused wrongly for things he never committed. It was only people who were trying to turn everyone against him who were either jealous or were just trying to get some attention from other people and just doing it for plain nastiness or thought he believed in things that were shocking to themselves, for example, Esmeralda assumed Edward believed in devil worshipping whereas herself was a Christian worshipper. Jim wanted Edward captured for the 'set up' burglary and be jailed. Just so, Jim could eventually gain the house insurance money. In my opinion, other viewers do not lose sympathy for Edward as he was wrongly accused for things he never even done and did not deserve to be treated in that manner he was done. In conclusion, the director achieved his goal of building sympathy for Edward to an extent of him 'rising and falling' in the community. In my opinion the part of the film, I consider to be the most effective is when he started to do the odd jobs for nearby neighbours of the community, such as hedge cutting, dog trimming and hair cutting, also when he appeared on television for his amazing talents was the most striking part as well. Hannah Mcarthur ...read more.

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