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Effeminatus - Many argue that women are the most complex of both genders.

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Effeminatus Many argue that women are the most complex of both genders. A classic example of this is the ever famous pop-star Britney Spears; a 26 year old who felt the need to go bald due to a failed relationship. This is not the first time that an incident such as this had taken place. Women are attuned a particular type of behaviour that is best described as random. No amount of scientific researches, experimentation and polls can determine what exactly goes on in the female mind. In fact, Indiana University reported that women are mysterious and hard to read, that they are somehow a completely different species from men-who are open and honest. That just proves the theory the women are from Venus, completely alien to us. Trying to understand them is like trying to put together a puzzle with a thousand pieces when several of them are missing-to put it simply, it is impossible. ...read more.


Oh you know what... Not that they are all that way, there are a few exceptions who completely forgo all their feminine aspects to embrace all the tom-boyish qualities and behaviour. Nevertheless, they seemed to have a strong bond with their make-up: where lip-gloss is a necessity, short skirts are compulsory and no shoes below three inches are acceptable. Their 'so-called' appealing attributes are complemented further by their highly irrational behaviour. While holding a boy's arm is perfectly alright clinging onto him like he is life support just makes you wonder... Tucking behind imaginary strands of hair all the while looking at the person from between your eyelashes gives the distinct impression that the girl must be squinting or is falling asleep. Have you ever noticed a teenage girl who wasn't giggling mischievously at something or the other; it's a wonder no flies enter their wide open maws. As for their daily routine, it consists mainly of shopping-on a week end especially. ...read more.


It's not like that tiny thing could hurt them much any way, could it? However, the bug's last words would undoubtedly be 'SQUEAK'! On one hand they claim to be scared of them and on the other hand they have absolutely no qualms about crushing them with those perilous heels mercilessly. The irony is that I myself being female find myself doing several of these things in real life without actually noticing it. When I do, I go into deep thought and over think it and present an analysis which is hundred pages long. Although I am baffled as to how I could be doing the most same things that I seem to be criticizing. Asking why females behave the way they do is equivalent to asking an absurd question such as 'why is there air?' There is just no plausible answer that could satisfy the questions of all parties. It is best to just give up trying to comprehend us when we ourselves have no hope of deciphering our nature. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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