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Eight Book Reviews

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´╗┐Reading Odyssey ?Heroes of Olympus, Mark of Athena?-by Rick Riordan This book is about how the children of the Greek Gods and ordinary humans (demigods) go on a quest to ?save the world from destruction?. They travel across America and then to Rome where they find the key to saving the world. This book is not as good as I had hoped; I had read the books that came before this in the trilogy and absolutely loved them but this one is cheesy and has no particular writing style. However the storyline is very intense as there is always something happening even at the end where we are left to think what will happen next. ?The Perks of being a Wallflower?-by Stephen Chbosky This book is set in 1991 in a typical American high school uses first person narrative by a male teenager using the alias of "Charlie", and is told in the form of letters written to an anonymous person. It chronicles his freshman year in a Pittsburgh high school: the friends he makes, the loves he experiences and the realisations he comes to. ...read more.


?Cross my heart and hope to spy?-by Ally Carter This mind-blowing book is set in a school for spies, The Gallagher Academy for Girls. This big mansion is a home for a lot of intelligent trainee spies and of course the interesting teachers who teach in it. This book is not only excellent in all different categories but interesting too. There are many different clever things that make the book even better like, the girls at the Gallagher Academy learn fourteen different languages and accents and they have to speak a specific language or accent at every meal they have in the mansion. I think that the reason why I love this book so much is because it's mysterious, smart and it makes the idea of being a spysound very appealing. ?The help?-by Kathryn Stockett (star review) The Help is an unforgettable story told from the viewpoints of three very unforgettable women: Aibileen, raising her seventeenth white child; Minny, forever losing jobs due to her sassy tongue; and Miss Skeeter, an aspiring writer who has been raised by black maids all her life. ...read more.


This poem was written in 1895, written to his son it is a memorable evocation of Victorian stoicism, self-control and the ?stiff upper lip? that popular culture has made into a traditional British virtue. These wise words can be applied even now, almost a hundred years after they were penned, and by a greater audience than the one originally intended. The skillful manner in which the poem is written allows any reader to fall under the paternal spell created by Kipling. ?I wandered lonely as a cloud?-by William Wordsworth This poem reflects both the author and the Romantic age, in which it was written. The Romantic Age was an amazing time for many poets; it let Wordsworth embrace the strong felt emotions, the appreciation of nature and realisation of the importance of the imagination. The poem starts with him walking lonely along the coast, he then comes across a field of daffodils. They overwhelm Wordsworth strong feelings that appreciate the beauty of nature. He then reflects on not only the powers of nature but also on the imagination and memory. It is a very sweet poem which I would gladly read again. By Tati C.W ...read more.

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