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Elizabeth Bennet is a very popular heroine. What qualities make her so attractive?

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Elizabeth Bennet is a very popular heroine what qualities make her so attractive? In pride and prejudice Elizabeth Bennet is a very popular character. She is not like many woman of her time, she is very unique and her own individual. This is shown all the way throughout the book. Many women of the 19th century were from a young age and are encouraged to settle down and get married to a rich husband. Many women would marry a man of whom they did not love, and would never love. Married to a man whom they did not love was a better off life than a life of a spinster. In the novel this is shown through Charlottes Lucas and Mr Collins marriage. Charlotte Lucas does not love Mr Collins but seeing as she does not have any other better choices she has no other option than to do so. Elizabeth Bennet is a true romantic she believes in true love, she does not go out specially to find love, she lets it come to her. ...read more.


Elizabeth Bennet is a determined and intelligent and independent woman. An example of this from the novel is when she walks three miles in the fields and mud to see her ill struck sister, Jane. Elizabeth does not feel pressurised and nervous when speaking to Lady Catherine De Burgh. She does not feel the pressure of pleasing and satisfying her. Elizabeth is herself and will give her opinion to Lady Catherine De Burgh no matter what. Elizabeth is like this because she does not believe in inequality and she feels that everyone deserve to have the same respect no one is higher or lower than anyone. When a mistake and made Elizabeth is capable to admit wrongdoing. At the beginning of the novel she has a very strong prejudice against Mr Darcy but once she realises of her misinterpretation she admits it straight away. She is also a very calm and laid back woman, which she has got from her father's personality. Throughout the book, we can clearly see that Elizabeth and her father have a very strong relationship. However Elizabeth does not seem to have the same affections towards her mother. ...read more.


She also tries to help Jane Bennet with her difficult love life with Mr Bingley. As Elizabeth is a true romantic, she believes that Jane and Bingley are in love, and that if they are meant to be together then it will work out in the end. As you can clearly see, Elizabeth Bennet is a kind, gentle and loving young lady, however she is not afraid to voice her opinion or stand up for what she believes. All these qualities are essential to make Elizabeth Bennet the heroine that she is throughout the novel. I personally feel that Elizabeth is my favourite character, because as I have said before, she is unlike many women of her time. Even nowadays people are intimidated and threatened by others around them, people still marry people who they will never love and there are still people who feel that they are either inferior or superior to others. Elizabeth Bennet is a perfect example of a balance young woman, she possesses all the qualities that make a nice, intelligent lady, and I feel that she is a good example even for people today. ...read more.

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