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Elizabeth Doolittle and Henry Higgins have an odd relationship in the play. Both of their characters grow and develop throughout its course. As this happens their relationship changes and develops.

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GCSE English Literature Test Paper 12640/05 Elizabeth Doolittle and Henry Higgins have an odd relationship in the play. Both of their characters grow and develop throughout its course. As this happens their relationship changes and develops. Their relationship began by chance. Higgins's obnoxiousness ensured that he would show off his skills wherever he went and when this was in the presence of an ambitious person like Eliza it had its consequences. Eliza would chase any opportunity that arose for her to better herself as a person. When Higgins advertised that "in three months I could pass that girl off as a duchess at an ambassador's garden party" she saw her opportunity and would do whatever it took to take advantage of it. When Eliza first approached Higgins it was for educational purposes and she was willing to pay what she believed was the amount this type of lesson usually cost. This shows she did not have any hidden agenda. To Higgins the amount she offered to pay him was unacceptable and on those grounds he was unwilling to give her lessons. He only accepted to take her on and teach her what he knew when he saw an opportunity to show off his skills to a fellow colleague - Colonel Pickering. ...read more.


When Higgins questioned where his slippers were Eliza got up and brought them to him silently even though she was not ordered or asked to do so. This was expressed through the stage directions in that section. Eliza was strong willed and ambitious to do well in life. Her ambitions were what kept her from deciding to leave the Higgins household and live on her own. She put up with harsh treatment because she had been given an opportunity. Had Higgins not treated Eliza as he had then she would have been extremely thankful to Higgins. Higgins believed that he had the right to treat her as he pleased and she should have still been grateful to him. He treated her as an animal and as if he could do what he wanted with her and then send her back to where she came from when he was satisfied. There were many possible reasons for Eliza's delayed reaction to the harsh treatment to which she was subjected. The one I found most likely is that she was prepared to put up with some harsh treatment because it is to what she had become accustomed (Alfred Doolittle hinted that he had treated her similarly). ...read more.


Eliza was very upset and she wanted to find a way to get revenge. Unconsciously she realised that Higgins was vulnerable at this point and found a way to make him lose his temper. When she left the situation it is probable that she realised what Higgins had implied but she also had to face the fact that it was too late to make amends to the damage she had done. I believe she did not really have feelings for Freddy but had unsatisfied desires to be filled and took advantage of Freddy's love for her. If this was the case then her behaviour was unethical. I believe there is no possibility of romance between the two because they both would believe that the other no longer feels as they did and have moved on. Neither of them would make the first move because of the fear of embarrassment and the fact that once they do make the move then they cannot go back. It is quite sad to see this. Neither Higgins nor Eliza was entirely responsible for this turn of events but they had to pay the full consequences for their joint behaviour. ?? ?? ?? ?? 1 ...read more.

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